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October 28, 2008


The resemblance between Sue and Pegi is no more a coincidence than the resemblance between Jeff and Neil. May the circle be unbroken.

Amazing cause, great benefit. I wish I could have been there.

What a great group of performers. I'm glad it was such a great experience for you.

I definitely think you'd be a Wilco fan, even if you were not related...they are that good!!! Of course, my husband,daughter & I are big Wilco fans. Last summer, I didn't get to see them 'cos they were at this converted pool in Brooklyn and my husband said I'd have to stand for 2hrs, and then climb out of the pool. My daughter has tickets to see Neil Young and Wilco in NYC. My husband gave her his Neil Young cds so she could become familiar with his music.
I wish I could have been at that weekend concert, and i wish I could have one of those Hippies for Obama buttons.

I felt a little uncomfortable checking out your nephew's blog, but I am glad I did. I let my 10 year old daughter read it and she enjoyed it too. It's reassuring to know that there are these smart funny kids out there who in a few years are going to be out in the world doing great things. They already are!
(My 5 year old son is a huge "Rocko-Bamma" fan. According to Sol, "Rocko rocks!")

What a very rich weekend you had Danny....All the great music and all the great people! And for such a very terrific and touching cause. Wonderful, Wonderful!

And by the way, I'd love a CD of Diahann in "that show"....!
And I just found a GREAT Video of her singing a fabulous medely "live" in London....I added it to my Post....And Hey, did you read the previous post of mine with the wonderful old pictures?? I think it is right up your alley....!

So so so wished I was you!

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