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September 22, 2008


My old boss was a gay Republican and I never understood that. He said it was because he was fiscally conservative, but I don't see anything fiscally conservative about Republicans lately.

It would be like me being a Republican. I'm a single mother of two living at the poverty level. I'd basically be voting against myself.

This is what happens when people forget (usually deliberately) about the separation of church & state/the restriction against a state religion.

The original revolutionaries may have mostly been Christian God fearing men, but they knew that not everyone shared their view & put language in to keep the extemists (at the time the Puritans) from forcing THEIR views on everyone by making their beliefs law.

What gets me is these people aren't even expressing actual Christian views & values. I'd sure like to see what Bible they were taught from. Of course, you have people like Pat Robertson telling his minions Hugo Chavez should be assassinated, or motivational spaker Joel Osteen passing himself off as a Christian minister & so getting his millions tax free (a sore spot with me as a current Houstonian), so why should some silly admonition like "Do Unto Others" etc. mean anything?

Pegs in Houston, which area is much worse off than is being reported.

Dear Danny,

Last Sunday, I had the honor of standing as best man in my friends' wedding. They have been a committed couple for 32 years. What struck me most was the support from so many of their family members, some of them members of the extremely conservative Mormon religion.

Many of my friends have gotten married this Summer. And they have been in committed relationships for (on the average) 22 years.

It is extremely rewarding to see that the citizens of California have progressed to the point where they agree that gay marriage is a right, and not something that the lunatic fringe can prevent with their fear tactics and lies.

I would edit your may be even more evolved than Brad Pitt... it's your portfolio/monetary value that is I would venture to guess much lower than his and if it were the same as Brad Pitt's, you may have put up more money than he did.
Anyway, changing people's minds is more involved than throwing money at an issue...
I just wish people would keep out of other people's business, and gay marraiges is one example...

I find it really puzzling that some of the most amoral people on the planet want to be our morality police and "protect children" from witnessing loving relationships between adults. There is very little about the republican party that does not chill me to the bone. As people who are lucky enough to have friends and relatives who are openly gay, I think it is our responsibility to continue to open other minds on this one, Danny. Great post, as usual.

Excellent points that you made! Why don't so many QUIT trying to legislate (their) morality values and force them onto us? What is so bad about gay marriages, about two people wanting to publicly commit to fidelity?

(Pegs - I'm also in Houston and I agree with your assessment of the situation. Do others know that nearly a half-million customers are still without electricity two weeks after Ike's passing?)

Hear, hear! (Polarization of the parties be damned when it comes to this issue.) Oh, and I just love "God's definition." Let's look to the Bible (isn't that where we're supposed to look?) for God's definition of marriage being one man and one woman. Oh, would you look at that? Seems men ought to have as many wives as they'd like, because, you know, God seemed perfectly fine with the likes of Abraham and Moses and Jacob when they married more than one woman.

I adore your blog. Thanks for so much great writing.

I'm gay and have only met one gay Republican (though he did switch to Democrat during the Bush II years), but in his case he'd been badly abused by his father (a liberal professor at UMass/Amherst), so he had developed an irrational hatred of liberals due to that abuse. He DID OVERCOME it, but not til his 40's. I think many people affiliate with one party or another based on reasons that have nothing to do with the party's positions or philosophy, and some gay Republicans may fall into that category, which is why it is inexplicable.

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