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September 15, 2008


Your "review" of "The Women" caused me to snort water up my nose! Funny!

Great review. It's too bad that the movie wasn't written better. I was kind of excited about seeing it, but now I know better. Thanks for keeping me from wasting my money.

Despite knowing how my heroine, Eleanore Roosevelt detested the play, I've always found it a guilty pleasure. Politics aside, Luce wrote a well crafted piece that Cukor, as usual, polished to a gem and it is a joy to behold.

A few years back there was a New York revival of the play starring Cynthia Nixon. It stayed true to period and I think it was well done. PBS broacasts it from time to time and I recommend it.

Btw, TCM is showing the original tonight, followed by Stage Door. It doesn't get much better.

at the press conference for 'the women' diane english said she felt alright about remaking the film because the original has camp value but isn't really a classic....i think ms. english spells 'hubris' with a capitol H....
nice review, btw....

Well I agree that the original was by far better, but I did very much enjoy Agnes Moorehead and Ann Miller in the 1956 remake. And Joan Collins getting her comeuppance as Crystal was also very entertaining.

Last Friday after work I ran to my neighborhood multiplex to see "Read After Burning" (oh, sorry "Burn After Reading).

I only had one cider but nevertheless ended up in a viewing room watching the woman from Will & Grace greeting Will Smith's wife while some model got out of a car and got mad because someone called her a supermodel.

I kept thinking that I was watching a curiously long preview before the Cohen Brothers film until it finally dawned on me that I was in the midst of "The Women" which I had pondered seeing, given the cast, but immediately clawed off my mental list of films to see as I ran from the room to find Frances McDormand, a real woman!

So deliriously happy that you, too, "Hated it!" à la Men on Film.

Yesterday after bracketing my version of a nervous breakdown, I drove up to LA with Le Framéricain to see the French film by Claude Miller "A Secret" and the documentary "FLOW". Two snaps and a twist for both of them and then some, IMHO.

Great post, Danny!

I would leave a comment that said "HAHAHAHAHA!" but knowing the studios, they'd grab it and feature it as some big kudos.

I knew from the trailer this would suck eggs, but I was so DYING to see it anyway to say "I told you so!"

Thanks for taking one for the team, Danny.

Your daughter is so lucky to be introduced to, and involved in, such great film, music, plays and events with both you and your wife - and that's not meant facetiously, because this new 'The Women' seems to be the only craptastic thing you've ever written about attending with her.

After re-falling in love with the 1939 version, the ONLY version, upon reading your praise of it, I must ask, How could anyone give the original even a half-hearted view and still endeavor to remake it, especially in anticipation of it maintaining even a modicum of the snarky synergy, appeal, or sparkling wit of the Shearer-Goddard-Russell collaboration? I've known since this film was posted on IMDb as being 'In Production' that it would be a travesty, an abomination, and a pox upon summer cinema-going. I just never knew that one could craft such a fitting tagline as yours.

Fascinating bit on Luce, as well - I've read about her in relation to the Fonda family (former wife of a former husband of Jane's mom's, I believe?! whew) but never knew anything you've written on her. I'll definitely have to do some further reading.

No, wait! THIS is why I love your blog.

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