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September 07, 2008



Sorry all those bad things happened to you but man did I laugh! The pulling of the server plug NEEDS to be in a movie scene somewhere. And poor Nantes! Same thing happened with a (much less cute) goose when I was in Normandy. I've also seen the sweaters in the Rejkavic airport. And a plane journey written by Kafka.

I got a very PO'd comment from an Ayn Randian for that quote by the way, claiming that Rand was NOT a social darwinist. I tried to get him to explain but he never commented again.

The Celestine Prophecy was also one of my favorite worst books. I managed to read the whole book even though the writing style was reminiscent of my third grade reading textbook. I never made it through the sequel, though.

BTW, happy birthweek!


I feel so much better now!

What a great "worsts" list. I had such quite a laugh at your expense. Don't worry. I'm a female Don Knotts I'm so spazzy, so everyone gets to laugh at my expense everyday.

Too f@#%n funny! Loved it! My favorite visual was the flight attendants throwing the unwrapped lunch meat at you. I personally will not eat turkey, roast beef, bologna, etc. unless it has been flung at me first.

I just can't help but think of the scene from Giant where the children are petting Pedro the "pet" turkey at Thanksgiving. Then the next day when the turkey is brought to the table one of them, exclaims "Pedro". Grandma absentmindedly says "yes baby that's Pedro," and they all burst into tears.
I totally would have burst into tears when she served Nantes for dinner. LAWDY that's awful!

Gee, Danny . . . Looks like I still have some living to do to catch up to your list of worsts. Pretty impressive. Good thing I'm (a couple years) younger than you so there's still time for me to fly on a Russian airline, inadvertently eat someone's former pet, and send some nasty work-related emails instead of just bitching vocally like I usually do and never getting overheard by the wrong person. I guess I've just been living a too-timid existence. Thanks for the challenge!

Oh, happy belated BD, too.

I adored this! So funny. It made me think that I might have to borrow this meme at some point - perhaps this very weekend. Maybe it will get me back to blogging. Danny, you are most humorous when you "kvetch!" Thus, giving me (and probably others!) permission to do the same!

Yes, you're hilarious and yes, you should do more of these and yes, I bow to your wit (not to mention your ability to recall events long past in such vivid detail.)

But what I really want to know?


Ha, I can't even remember where I stole that from, communicatrix, but just thank me for it because I found a bunch of photos of cooked rabbits on a plate with their teeth still attached that looked remarkably like the one I ate in Tours. At the last minute, I substituted the cute pancake bunny because I couldn't bear the thought of seeing that gruesome real-life image every time I opened up my blog!

This is really comical kvetching. I hope you didn't pass up opportunities at first class operations like the Red Hot Ranch or Flukys in order to labor at Wolfys. Your former employer is the last of that era to remain open.

i did aeroflot in 85.....wing on fire, flight attendants casual to the point of a psychiatric and my pals laughing (in the face of death) hysterically....happy days....

OK. And I really mean this, the reason I read your blog consists of the following:

1)Thoughtful and fair political observations.

2)Pithy and funny and smart observations about movies and popular culture in general.

3)Touching, self-revelatory and sometimes painful recollections of your family and personal history. My family, on it's surface, couldn't be less like yours. That said, I always find something to relate to, to empathize with and to understand....sometimes about myself. Those essays may be my favorites.

...Unless you choose to devote a posting to Carroll Baker and then I make no further promises.

Holy cow... i was going thru a trunk of old t shirts and found not only a hellcats shirt but a vanessa davis band shirt in with all my chicagofest shirts... never thought id see a blog with both bands in it

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