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August 06, 2008


Several things swirling in my brain:

1. When the obit came out, one publication said something about the exchange b/w Keyes & Huston RE: monkey-son going something like this:

KEYES: It's me or that monkey.

HUSTON: It's been nice knowing you.

Apocryphal, doubtful, but wonderful.

2. You ride a BIKE!?! In LOS ANGELES?!? You're a braver man than I, Danny Miller.

3. When I saw this: Jesus, Evelyn, get off my back!

my first impulse was to correct you, because the actual line from Play Misty For Me is "Get off my back, Evelyn!"

Who's obsessed with obscure ephemera now, huh?

Oh, I forgot about that exchange about the monkey, thanks for adding that! I choose to believe it IS true! And I do like to ride a bike here—maybe I have a death wish. But I wear a helmet and I've stopped listening to my iPod while I'm riding! Wow, thanks for reminding me of the "Play Misty for Me" quotation--you know my subconscious better than I do!

Thanks for the complete tribute to Keyes whose autobiography Scarlett O'Hara's Younger Sister I reviewed in Filmland Journal about 30 years ago. You're right in that few seem to remember her today. I've heard several versions of the "monkey" story over the years. The versions in Keyes', Huston's, and Niven's memoirs all vary slightly. I'd need to go upstairs and sort through my archives to figure it out. When Huston wrote his autobiography in the early '80s, Keyes quipped that he was a great fiction writer.

Huston's other connection to GWTW is that he had an affair with De Havilland while married to his second wife before he hooked up with Keyes. He and Keyes divorced after he got Enrica Soma (mother of Anjelica and Tony) pregnant and Keyes told a funny story in her memoir of the three of them attending Walter Huston's funeral together, I believe.

Loved the picture of the old Selznick headquarters and glad (and somewhat surprised) it is still there. I have a framed antique promo still displayed in my guest room here of Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray on a large swing in the yard of this house/office in 1937 to promote the comedy Swing High, Swing Low.

Thanks again for re-charging my memories and have fun in Chicago.

You sure can write about these actors/actresses so well. It pulls me in each time, so keep it up if you must. I, too, agree: Bicycling in Los Angeles. One-of-a-kind feat. Kudos to you for this!

The Seven Year Itch was just on last night. It's one of my husband's all time favorites. Of course, I can recite GWTW from beginning to end in my sleep. R.I.P. Miss Keyes.

Wonderful writing, Danny, for a cute, smart, beautiful lady and a fine actress...Hope you catch some of Cinecon over Labor Day weekend - My brother Bob is the Prez of the whole thing. Thanks for your swell scribbles...! Onward!

Oh Danny, please don't ever think of not writing about anything!

Whether it's the passing of real Hollywood, or your family, or ... well, anything. Please write for yourself because I think you'd be surprised at how many of us you're writing for as well.

Keep up the great words!

Danny, what a wonderful post, as always (in fact, I think that's how I begin every comment I make to you!). You really do know how to draw a reader in. Your posts about people who have died are so moving and if you wrap your arms around the person and make sure they are tenderly remembered.

You always pull me in to these people's lives. I'm glad that you're there to help us remember all these great actors and actresses. The mainstream media barely gives them a sentence. Keep the faith!

I totally agree with Jen. And Danny? You took the picture with your cell phone WHILE riding a bike? I hope Leah reads this, so she can properly reprimand you!

Dear Danny,

The qualities that Keyes brings to a film are nowhere near the star caliber of Davis and Hepburn, whose distinctive voices, looks, and acting talents are instantly identifiable.

Nevertheless, you have a great talent for taking a little known subject (like Keyes), and making it interesting and entertaining for the reader.

Danny, thanks for writing about this little pistol of an actress...

Have you read her autobiography..."Scarlett O'Hara's Little Sister"...
Very direct and forthright...

Here's a great shot of her with Vivien too:

She may have not made it to the tippy top like Ms. Hepburn and others, but she certainly had a blast along the way. Kirk Douglas...yes.

I didn't even hear that she had died! Does that just leave Olivia de Havilland as the only living GWTW cast member?

Thanks for the Evelyn Keyes tribute. She was way too smart for the medium she was in (as was Hedy Lamarr). Her autobiography was wonderfully written and the bit about being older and meeting Warren Beatty at a Hollywood,initally mistaking his interest for a pass stuck with me for years. Now that I am older it has served as a wonderful little voice in my ear when someone deliciously sexy and oh so much younger, stops by to chat or ask a question. Thanks EK

Well now, I was searching for blogs on fitness or health when i came across this post. Although not exactly what I was expecting I will give it ****.

Hi...I had just came across this post and being a distant relative of Ms Keyes...I attended GWTW function in Jonesboro Georgia back in 2004,I had the pleasure of meeting Ann Rutherford and had dinner sitting next to her and while I never met Evelyn I had spoken with Ms Rutherford and got her autograph.She had told me Evelyn was not doing well but she told me of some precious memories on the gwtw set. My mother was held by Ms Keyes at a family reunion in Georgia. I know she was very underrated. I learned that I was related in my twenties and I should have reached out to her. My family is from East Point Georgia,my mom and dad grew up there and so did Ms.Keyes,of course much later. My grandmother was I believe,her cousin. I enjoyed reading your post. My great grandmother knew her. My mother had a photo of herself being held by Ms Keyes. I attend as many gwtw functions as I can...very proud of her legacy...Valerie

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