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August 23, 2008


What a beautiful post! I actually got a little teary at the end--similar homesickness for Chicago, even though I'm pretty sure I'll never live there again, paradoxically by my own choice.

And--OF COURSE--my gramps was friends with Kup, too. Of course. Danny, I swear, someday we're gonna figure out which parties we were hanging out at where we almost-but-never met.

Hi Danny

I found your blog one day while looking up something about Jimmy Carter (maybe 6 months ago?) and have enjoyed reading it ever since. I love your writing style. I may send a link to this blog entry to my sister, who now lives and works in Chicago and has fallen in love with the city. My kids and I have come to appreciate Chicago as well (we live in a suburb of Pittsburgh--a micro-city in comparison!) Can't imagine how we would feel about Los Angeles!

Thanks for the link to the Boersma photos. I love old buildings, their beauty and elegance, thinking about the lives and work that went on there. I was recently in LA and spent an afternoon walking around downtown LA and was amazed at the number of interesting old buildings there. I truly felt that I was in a Raymond Chandler novel. And the Central Library, how beautiful!
Love your reminiscing.

Wonderful post as always, but did you travel with your family archives? You did say you wrote this on the plane! Your posts always make me wish my family was more diligent about storing keepsakes.

Your mother is just so stunning in that first photo. So beautiful.

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