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August 27, 2008


Excellent entry. Felt like I was there. "Hillary looks like a Stepford wife"... when I saw bits and pieces of the convention on CNN, Hillary wore that total look orange piece and looked like a giant carrot :) She did well under the circumstances, I guess.

I thought Clinton's best line was the one about leading by the power of our example rather than the example of our power. Otherwise, many of your thoughts were dead-on to what I had been thinking. "What are they chanting?"

Also, for the "right side of history," I think that may be a nod to the social side of politics as well as the economic side - that the policies are right place right time and his thinking is progressive, whereas conservative policies are outdated and backward thinking.

Thanks for the commentary.So much better than the networks. I missed the speech last night so this helped me get an idea of what really happened. Chelsea...vavoom! Is that wrong?

Oh my god. I loved your commentary. You should make money off of that. It's so much better than the people who do.

I love the stream-of-consciousness play-by-play! Maybe you could cover the Republican convention Hunter S. Thompson style.

Overall, I thought that Bubba's speech was a bit lackluster. But maybe it's just me. The crowd seemed to love him, though.

Thanks for the fun commentary, I laughed so hard at times, that I almost fell of my chair!

I'm in the minority, I know, but I love both the Clintons, and I am sorry that Hillary wasn't nominated. I suspect that politicians of any stripe are salespeople at heart, and I understand there was a lot of marketing of both Obama and Clinton, but chants and slogans aside, I will always believe she would have made the better candidate, so this whole convention was rather depressing for me -- and I'm sure many other HRC supporters.

I'm going to try to buck up, but I'm just not moved by Obama at all. Instead of voting for somebody, I'll just be voting against McCain...which kinda lowers my happiness quotient.

I'm sure it's how many of Obama's supporter would have felt if the situation was reversed.

pssssst. your blog is loading very slowly. Is it just me?

Loved the live blog. HMMMMM My dad must have know your dad. I remember mine asking me a few times who she is. He wouldn't stop asking till I said mom said. So when is it you will be hosting SNL?

I watched both of the Clinton speeches and thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and comparing it to my own reactions. I'm an Obama fan so perhaps I'm tainted, but I was not impressed with Hillary's speech. It came across to me as very self-centered; much more about her accomplishments than an endorsement for Obama. She clearly did say she was backing him and told her followers to do the same (thank goodness) but it seemed to me her rationale was not because of Obama's accomplishments but rather because he's the Democratic nominee.

By contrast, I loved Bill's speech. Maybe I was expecting less because of the conjecture that he would be somewhat non-committal but I thought he made his case very forcefully. I was in in his camp the whole way and it seemed to me he had the crowd eating out of his hand.

great commentary....i don't remember what it was that originally linked me to your site but, over the past few months, i've become a real fan...always enjoyable just occurred to me that a note of thanks would be the least i should do....

Danny - One thing I learned from reading this post is that real-time bloggers are nitpicky ;-)

As far as reffering to your mother as "she"'re not the only one that had father still jumps at me when I call my mother she..still getting that usual she is your mother crap (pardin the language).. And as far as the convention goes...I don't think Bill was too sincere when he talked...and the fake smiles on the Clinton women..well they should definitelly work on their fake smiles that's all I'm gonn say about that..but in the end the most important thing is that Obama became the president all else will get forgotten.

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