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August 27, 2008


"Am I the only one who thinks he looks better at 65?" Hair plugs and a face lift will do that for you...

I like Biden and since he "threw his hat into the ring" this year I've been thinking he'd make a good VP. He has plenty enough age and experience that no one could doubt his qualifications and he is an energetic speaker with a sharp wit -- which should hold up well in debates.

I don't think Hillary ever had a shot at the VP slot and not because of anything she did, but because Bill is such a presence that he could easily overshadow both Obama and Hillary. Did you see his speech last night? Love him or hate him, the guy is a master at getting a crowd fired up.

One of my main recollections of Biden from the past is when he publicly announced that he was getting hair plugs. This was years ago. That's why he has that wavy tuft of white hair today!

He went "Hollywood" years ago.

I believe that everyone was certain that the Clintons would present great speeches, but who knew that Joe Biden could be so eloquent.

I absolutely love Joe Biden. I was a resident of Delaware for 14 years, and saw him give the graduation speech at St. Mark's High School, in Wilmington, Delaware, the school where my future husband taught French, in June 1974. His future wife, Jill, taught English at that school a few years later, while Joe was courting her. Later on, I met him at an event at the Hagley Foundation in Wilmington, and we did exchange a few words. This must have happened around 1982 or so, and I felt then that I had shaken hands and spoken with a future President of the United States. Let me tell you, I'll definitely settle with Joe Biden as Barack Obama's VP!

I agree with your Dad -- Hillary on the ticket would have made it a "sure thing", but she was never in the running. Fortunately she won't have to wait 20 years for her chance (haven't you noticed that time is speeding up?)

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