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July 24, 2008


I had that headdress. Not too pc anymore! The weather's great. I'll meet you at the pizza shop on Devon and Cal.

Susan's diary entry reminds me of George III's alleged summary for July 4, 1776: "Nothing important happened today."

Of course, George wouldn't have had the benefit of instantaneous reporting of an important event from a remote outpost which Susan enjoyed.

Thanks so much for your reasoned comments over on my blog, Danny.


So is political insight and literary talent genetic? May I be you and Sue's sibling please? It's nice to wake up to a giggle, Danny. Thanks.

Happy Birthday Sue! You've got great perspective.

Mark - Interestingly, Louis XVIth entry in his diary for July 14, 1789 (day of the storming of the Bastille) was "rien" ("nothing.")

Danny - That entry for July 24, 1969 in your sister's diary is absolutely wonderful!
And a belated happy birthday to her!

Hi Danny -
It's me your cousin Julie Schreiber in Buffalo Grove. I read your blog and really enjoy all the trips down the familial memory lane! I would love to get in touch with Susie since it turns out our kids are at the same camp together right now. Can you please email her phone # to me so I can call her? Also, send me your email also since I no longer have it and it seems odd to say too much on here. Thanks so very much. PS Your daughter is beautiful.

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