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July 11, 2008


And babies! Don't forget--1961 was a good year for babies! :-)

Dear Danny,
A couple of weeks ago, I was Googling for some information on Arlene Francis, which led me to your blog. After reading that entry, I was hooked. I have spent much of my spare time reading through almost every word of your entire blog !

I especially enjoy your posts about your childhood and your family.

Please, please consider transferring your blog into a book. It's pure gold. Thanks.

Another great blog. Wonder if that was the year I tried to get my mom to take me to see Fabian perform live in downtown Brooklyn. When she saw the price for tickets...$10, she said we had to go to the movies & saw the double header>>>Beloved Infidel & Two Women which traumatized me so, I could almost feel something on my legs!!! I think i was too young for that movie. definitely a very young 13.

Danny, your reminiscences and movie stories are always fascinating.
For me, the best Jesus movie and the only one with a convincing, unsentimentalised Christ, was Pasolini's St. Matthew's Passion,filmed in stark Calabria with non-actors.

It's ironic that Hollywood, with so many Jewish producers, has always balked at finding and casting a Middle Eastern-looking Jewish actor as Jesus, along with an authentic-looking supporting cast.

I'd love to see a new version, filmed in Israel and Palestine with local actors and non-actors, and a script which would mix the current conflict with the old familiar scenario and maybe bring new insights.

Again, I say what a good, good blog you have and what a good writer you are. Of course, anyone who takes the time to write about Jeffrey Hunter (I agree... he is great in "The Searchers"), is automatically on the side of the angels for me.

I've said in this in my rambling, snarky blogs before, but (to quote-poorly- Arthur Miller) attention must be paid to these people whose careers and lives have contributed to our treasured film and television memories.

Now, if I could only get that Paul Frees biography!


It is strange, in a way, about Jeff Hunter...I think his looks did work against him to a certain extent..He was almost too Good Looking...Too "pretty", you know? So often this seemed to happen more in the '50s. I have a funny story about my dear friend and GREAT GREAT Painter, Morris Broderson and Jeff Hunter...Too long to put down here---but next time we speak, remind me to tell you--It is terribly funny! And it involves his playing Jesus Christ!

Side note. For some reason I was thinking about Barbara Rush the other day. Maybe I saw something about her in the paper or online. ANYWAY, during my grammar school and high school days, I seem to remember that one of my classmates, Chris McGinnis, was rumored to be Barbara Rush's son. I was never a close friend, but was this the same Christopher Hunter you write about? His age fits the profile to be one of my classmates. Inquiring minds need to know.

Ellen Bloom
formerly of Beverly Hills

i would like to see a picture of jeffery hunter smiling as jesus from king of kings

"Jesus" was a Jew with the semitic features of his face.Yours "Jesus" is the normal nazi god of the polar origin,you idiotes.

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