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July 17, 2008


Bill -- Fantastic post! But where are my cigarettes????

Aauugh! She was "only 54" when she made Baby Jane? I always thought she looked older than God!

Maybe they were trying to make her look older, as in "pathetic middle-aged woman trying to recapture her childhood."

The "What Not To Wear" people would be gunning for Baby Jane now.

Attaboy, Danny. Kill the people.

Help huh? You need to rummage through your encyclopedic knowledge of movie stars and find the perfect foil for Margo -- then imitate him until Kendall begs for a truce... poor Leah though.

Did Kendall ever finish that book she was working on?

Thunderous applause! Great post, Danny. I laughed out loud because I can only imagine Kendall's portrayal. I have adored her acting from the first moment I saw her at that Purim thingy in your synagogue a few years ago!

I can't believe that I missed Kendall as Bette! Why don't you take me along on your vacations instead of that silly dog Henry who can't even talk? I could sleep in the backseat too, or better, I could take notes.
I realize now that Kendall-as-Bette is the voice that has been missing from my life of late -- could Kendall please just follow me around and give me the Bette version of things? I'm bitter and trashed but just don't have the style to express it with such verve.
The only difference between the world of All About Eve and now is that the guy in the bed doesn't necessarily wad us up and throw us out until we're 52, not 42, and with a good lift and some estrogen replacement therapy, we might even make it to 55, so Kendall, baby, you've got at least another 10 good years, Kendall. Find a 32-year-old and have yourself a good time . . . oh sorry, Danny, I didn't mean it. You, of course, are THE MAN in the bed about which nothing else means anything. It was my bitter, wadded up 56!!!!!!!!-year-old self talking.


Dear Danny,
So many married people are unhappy. It appears that you and Kendall haven't forgotten how to play and have fun. Thanks for another great post.

Danny, the Sarah Siddons Society award is all yours :) A great post. Thanks.

Did you know that the Sarah Siddons Society exists and gives out awards that look just like the one from the film--but that they were created AFTER the movie? Funny.

However, there were no "Eve Harrington Clubs at all the girls schools across the country." That was a ridiculous comment in the film, especially since only seven months had elapsed (already straining credibility) between the time Celeste Holm plucked Eve out of the alley and Eve winning the Sarah Siddons award. As if schoolgirls across the country would care about ANY Broadway actress.

Yes, Kendall HAS finished her book and it's as wonderful as her first. Check out for more details but be patient because there's nothing there yet--we're working on it.

Deborah, you're welcome on all our vacations. You can be Eve to Kendall's Margo.

Oh dear god-do you think Kendall will return to her body before you guys get here??


When I was a kid living in Reno, I used to sit in the MGM Grand Hotel Casino's movie theater for hours at a stretch and watch all the old movies. The Bette Davis and Joan Crawford ones were my favorite, but both actresses always looked much older than they were to me -- particularly Bette. They were also both scarier than hell, even when they didn't mean to be.

This page took forever to load, but was totally worth it. :-) And I definitely look forward to seeing what pet Kendall serves you 12 years from now.

Tell Kendall, if you think it would make her feel better, that she'll always be almost exactly a year younger than me.

Happy birthday, Margo...Oh, I mean, Kendall

The peanut line is my favorite and I loved that book!

I just strolled in because I was re-reading Kendall's first book after recommending it to a friend. I wondered what happens as the autodidact grows up, and if I would ever read about it. I am already a ripe old 56 now, and my Dad gave me Kendall's book because he said it reminded him of me. Isn't that sweet?

Of course, being the freaks that we are, we already knew many of the details, including the fact that Claudette Colbert was originally signed to play Margo Channing but had to bow out of the film, to her great regret, because of some back problems.

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