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July 08, 2008


Bozo,Bozo,Bozo, What fond memories I have of that show. I went there about 6 or 7 times. It was with the neighbors kids so I'm guessing there must of been some pull there somewhere. The magic arrows did land on my sister. We were jumping with joy but she started crying and clinging to our mother so the arrows flew around to find another child. We did a lot of practicing with empty coffee cans hoping to get picked. I remember going to Riverview one time after the Bozo Show. Bob Bell for sure was the only Bozo for Chicago. Thanks for the memory.

Okay, look--QUIT STALKING ME!!!

Seriously...have you been following me around since I was five? This is getting ridiculous!

I, too, had a party at Bozo's Circus. Both wanted to play the Grand Prize Game and was terrified at looking like a loser (never been good under pressure.) And you didn't even get into how dinky and disappointing the studio looked compared to its grandness on the air!

I suppose you were on Romper Room, too, huh? Oh my you toooooooo!!!!

I remember that by the time one of my classmates finally got on Bozo, she was in junior high and really embarrassed and we all made fun of her.

Oh, also. Thanks a lot. Now I have the Cuddley Duddley song in my head. "We're off to Cuddley Duddley's house as cute as he can beee...."

Oh my, Danny. Bozo is still scary to me. Please quick hurry with another post so that I can visit without clown fright!

Oh, man, I'm there all over again. I loved Ray Rayner -- started every day with him. Watched Bozo religiously. Debated with friends endlessly over whether a kid actually said "Cram it, clown" to Bozo after the kid missed Bucket #1 in the Grand Prize Game.

They were onto something.

I went when I was 3 or 4 and visiting my aunt in Chicago and all I remember was that early in the show a little kid fell off the bleacher seats we were sitting on and had a "Bozo Accident". You can only imagine the damage that wreaks on a 3 year old brain. I thought for years that if you fell off of bleachers you would turn into a clown! I now know that only makes you a drunk.

Hey Danny,

Regarding the issue of whether or not anyone ever said "Cram it Bozo," or flipped him the bird, or any of the other variations on that urban myth: NEVER HAPPENED. Norm Nowicki, who recently passed away worked on every single episode of Bozo in Chicago, every day as either Writer/Producer, director, and for the last few years both. I had him for my first college TV course and we became friends for many years after. When I asked him about it, he confirmed that he gets asked all the time. As with many urban myths, he said people would say, Oh no. It DID happen. I WAS THERE THAT DAY!

Of course Norm was there EVERY DAY, so I'm going with his version.

I don't know if you remember Danny, but on my 7th or 8th birthday I was so excited to be going to Bozo the next day I didn't sleep and hadn't eaten anything, and got sick in the audience bleachers 4-5 minutes before the show hit the air LIVE. I was escorted out and couldn't get back in until the last segment of the show.

Ahhh, memories.

Love, your big brother

Hi Danny,
you always come up with the greatest memories. ahhhhh! and what about Kiddie-A-Go-Go?!!!!!!!

I sent in for the maximum number of tickets during my first pregnancy. Yes, the same Peterson/Von Steuben graduate who knew we Jews weren't supposed to have baby showers or bring the new crib into the house before the baby was actually on site -- yes, that woman ordered Bozo tickets for her unborn child.

Hey Danny,

You really have a way of dredging up old memories. I can remember going to see Bozo when I was six years old. My grandmother was the one who took us. Alas, no magic arrow landed on me and I was heartbroken.

My mother was a guest on Bozo, Ray Raynor, and Garfield Goose. She was invited there with our dog, Heyboy -- a big, beautiful golden retriever. I'd give anything to get copies of the shows she was on with him.

Thanks for the history on Bozo. My aunt got my mother tickets and my siblings, mother and I got to be at the show in November 1967. I was picked for the grand prize game. I remember practicing a bit at home but due to my stage fright and seeing the big lights I only got bucket number 1. I was given a Bozo mural and my mother got no run pantyhose. However it was a memory that I will never forget. Bozo, Bob Bell was extremely very kind to me and so was Mr. Ned. I am currently writing my personal history and that part of my life will be in it. Thanks again for your help. Cindy

The very first Bozo the Clown, Pinto Colvig, is part Greek! His great-great-grandmother Zelesta Lyngae is the daughter of the Greek sea captain!

I won the Grand Prize game when I was 9 in 1977. Is there a way to purchace old episodes to show my kids?? Thanks

I was in the audience on Jan. 20, 1968, I was 4. I am told the arrow landed on me for the grand prize game and i was sleeping. Is there a way to view the old show to watch it with my children?

No, there is NO way to see the old shows, not even on youtube. WGN has a sponsorship relationship with the National Broadcasting Museum here in Chicago, and they refuse to release rights to anybody, any entity, even another museum to re-broadcast or post on the net. It's nothing but a pure unmitigated tragedy in my opinion, since in another few years, nobody will even care or remember any more. Such a tragedy.

I remember the show like it was yesterday.

Tonight my six year old threw a ping pong ball in a tin pale slam dunk. Boy that took me back instantly. I told him a story I had long forgot. Back in the 5th grade Parkview Elementary School in Steger Ill. went to the Bozo Circus Show. I was picked with the magic arrow and too my suprise I won the Grand prize that day. I even remember what I was wearing. After reading a bit of what has been posted, we were pretty darn lucky to sit in the audience. Never knew. It's a real shame I can't share those memories with my children. Maybe one day they will share...

The "Cram it, Clownie!" incident DEFINITELY happened. I watched it happen, live on WGN-TV. The kid tosses the ball, misses, and says "Aw, S**T!". Bozo shakes a finger at him in a pure ad-lib and says "Now now, that's a big Bozo no-no!"

The kid looks at him and says "Cram it, Clownie!"

I SAW it. Live. It was somewhere around 1972-73, because it happened when I was in sixth grade, in the apartment we had only a block from school, so I'd come home for lunch and watch TV. (Hey, it was the only thing on even remotely interesting. The only other thing on was soap opers. Bleah.)

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