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July 22, 2008


I just checked imdb and Robin wasn't even the movie! What's up with that? Everyone knows that Batman and Robin had a "special" relationship. Are they trying to make Batman seem straight?

Now I'm really not going to see it.

Yes, I do think it would be a hit. What I'd really love to see, is a batman film that was made more in the style of the TV series. ZAP ! POW !

I will probably wait for it to come out on cable.

I hope Heath Ledger's daughter doesn't see it until she's much older at least. Once my ex-husband was in America's Most Wanted. He let my daughter watch it when she was too young to understand that he wasn't really getting beaten up and it really made her sad.

Well my son Jordan ADORED this movie. Save it on Friday and dragged me to it on Sunday. I probably liked it a bit better than you did, Danny. My main concern is that everything went on way too long. Also I lost my ability to suspend disbelief when Batman managed to fly in and out of Chinese air space so easily. Come on. That plane would have so been shot down.

I'm sorry, but you're view of this film is so far removed from my own experience and almost everyone else i know who saw the movie that i actually have to go out of my way to recommend you see it again and give it a second chance and i feel u might enjoy it more if u keep a few things in mind...

the character of the joker shouldn't have more back story. the joker isn't a person so much as a force of nature. he is chaos. he is anarchy.more "characterization" would only demistify him.oh, and he's not crazy in the classical sense either...everything he does is planned and very well thought out (and the paradox of that only makes him all the more interesting) he is not crazy, he is...something beyond what we know, which is the whole point of the character really.

and fox's sudden ethics dillema isn't that strange after all, helping a guy beat up known scumbags is very different from helping a guy spy on millions of civilians, 99% of whom are totally innocent. and he does do it in the end anyway for the greater good.

considering the subject matter, i think all the violence was totally warranted. again this goes back to the whole concept of chaos, anarchy,the established order being upset etc. etc.

harvey didn't snap cuz of just his scars, he snapped cuz of all the pressure he was constantly under,the scars, but mostly it was losing rachael who was his whole world. Also, keep in mind that he was never really the angel that they made him out to be. remember the scene where he interrogates that one schizphrenic? this is man who clearly had long repressed demons, long before the joker came to town...

Also i would argue that there were a lot of funny moments. albeit of a gallows humor variety.

But yes, you're right. Maggies character is basically just a plot device. she just did the best she could with what she had. or didn't have rather...

I haven't seen The dark knight as it's not out here yet. Last night I went to see the Incredible Hulk though (don't ask how it happened) which was an incredible piece of crap. All movie long I had an impression that I was trapped against my own will into some violent video game and I couldn't find my way out of it. Reading your Batman review I can't agree more with your opening paragraph. I think I am done with superheros.

Fabian, you make some very good points but I don't think I could bring myself to sit through that movie again when there are so many other ones I'd rather see. I especially agree with you about Harvey Dent. As for the Joker, even if he's not "supposed" to have more of a back story, I'd still prefer it. I think villains are so much more intriguing when we have an idea of what makes them tick (although the constantly changing story of how he got the smile carved into his face was an interesting touch).

Yury, I'm taking a superhero break as well. I hear there are several more coming out this year and that a "Superman Returns" sequel is in the works. Yikes, compared to that bomb, "The Dark Knight" is a perfect film on par with "Citizen Kane."

I like the idea of the older Batman , Adam West and Catwoman Julie Newmar, meeting at an assisted living home, he with early alzheimers, and she uses a walker. they have flashback of their days when ...could it be they knew each other? and it was all smash , pop and bang! I would love to see that..maybe he first, and she totally clueless or vice versa...what could happen? create havoc in the cocktail hour? protest against lousy food in the dining room? Get lost on a bus trip to a concert in the park trying to find the bathroom?

What I hope happens is that hollywood realizes that super hero movies can actually be compelling stories in their own right. Even though I'm a huge Batman fan, I didn't even view this movie as a comic book/super hero movie, it was just another movie that I saw, that happened to be a master piece.

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