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June 16, 2008


I have no idea what problem people could have with gay marriage.It seems like all the arguments I've heard were just silly and archaic.

please forgive the intrusion but i'm a long time reader who has enjoyed your blog as much as anything i've ever read on-line...
i've never commented before but this completely charming post just seems like the right time.....
thanks for some great reads.......

I'm so proud to live in California today. How amazing it was to get up and read about these couples who are lining up to publicly declare their love and commitment. My keyboard is wet from the weeping. I'm sad for the people who feel nothing but hate at this moment, when the rest of us are celebrating our humanity.

It almost makes me WANT to get married now. :-)

Great post, but more importantly, what dates are you going to be in New York? Maybe we can finally meet up there.

Interesting to know.

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