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June 06, 2008


Are you kidding yourself? I don't think so. But then again... I don't know.

We are lucky, in this counrty, to have free speech. We're also lucky that we didn't have Hitler or Mussolini. I think so much of the laws in Europe against inciting hatred are a direct result of their trying to protect themselves from repeating their own past.

Though I can't help but wonder if stifling someone's speech just drives it underground where it's even more difficult to guage.

I sometimes wish some of those boneheads on FOX "News" could be arrested for all the hate they spew....but that's a whole other comment.

BB's comments about parenting remind me a lot of Ayelet Waldman's inflammatory remarks about love i.e., that she loved her husband more than her children. (Frankly, if my husband had written _The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay_, I might love him more than some as-yet untested lumps of flesh chiefly interested in video games and poop jokes, too.)

However, while I think Ms. Waldman made the statement to _be_ inflammatory, knowing exactly how much of the spotlight would be trained on her because of it, I get the idea that Ms. Bardot, to paraphrase you, has had a rather loose relationship with the cluestick for most of her life, and that things have gotten worse rather than better with age.

This is Jimmy the Greek out-of-touchness, not throw-the-monster-in-prison baseness.

And that people need to, you know, lighten the f*ck up.

I don't like what BB said but state intervention is so randomly applied it's hard to trust.

Just the other day a friend's 12 year old daughter was questioned by the police for an email she and her friend sent to a boy in their class who they were mad at. This boy regularly calls the girls in school "anorexic whores""sluts", and other gender based insults which school authorities have ignored.

The girls were fed up and wrote him, in effect,I wish you'd get lost in the jungle and be eaten by fat pigs.

At the boy's parents insistence the girls were called in for questioning by the school principal and the police for cyber bullying. They narrowly avoided having this "crime" entered into a permanent police record, mainly because their parents intervened with the right questions.

Hate speech is often dealt with lightly (Fox news, per Dave's comment ) while a sixth grade girl expressing anger almost becomes a criminal.

How many of us have relatives, especially from the old country, whose opinions just make us shrivel up in embarrassment? Bardot should not have been charged, I agree. Punishments don't sway people from their opinions.

I prefer when such comments are debated and tackled by those on all sides -- not hushed up or punished, which only causes issues to go underground.

Communicatrix: "loose relationship with the cluestick"...I love that.

BTW, that recent picture answers the question, "Are you a Sinker or a Sagger?" Brigitte is definitely a Sagger, as am I. I have seen my future, and it is Bardot. Yikes...time to lose weight and get out the sunblock.

oy, aging can be cruel sometimes.

Not to go off topic but Liza's comment about her friend has me...well I don't know what it has me.

I honestly can't believe it. I mean I do believe it, but I can't believe writing that you wished someone would get lost in a jungle and eaten by fat pigs can get you a police visit.

Wow, some of the stuff I've written is far worse, and none of it I seriously meant. And speaking of not meaning what you say...c'mon, did the police really think these girls meant what they wrote? "eaten by fat pigs?" I mean it's comical. Well, it would be if it weren't so tragic.

Update, before this becomes an Urban Legend. The girls did not get any citation or have anything on any record, either with the police or the school. However, the officer in charge informed the parents that any email that invokes injury or harm is considered cyber bullying, which is an offense, and that the girls should be aware of this next time.

So, when I was in 6th grade, and told someone to take a long walk off a short pier, I guess I was lucky that there was no cyber space, nor laws to control it.

Thanks for your concern.

If anything, I feel sorry for her. Her looks and fame don't seem to have made her very happy. All that hatred seems to come from a very sad place.

This story makes me think of a funny twist. We know the current administration is no fan of anything French, including even french fries. Now we learn that a French woman is fighting Islam with the same type of dangerous platitudes as the morons who lead us to war in Iraq. It's almost as if Bardot could have won an appointment to Bush's cabinet if she was an US citizen. And maybe if she lived in the US she would be among the 20% who still "approve" of Bush.

There is irony in there somewhere. What exactly makes in ironic, I can't quite put my finger on but it is in there, I'm sure.


She is completely right about muslims not conforming to french laws and soon they will impose their own on France. I absolutelty agree. She is talking about the laws in HER COUNTRY and if the muslims do not like it their, well, they can go back to their own country?? Can the americans go to Iran and impose their own laws???? No. If a french woman cheats on a man in Iran..she'll be stoned. no pardon. so why do muslims not obey the laws of other more civilized, might i add countries??? i only find one statement extremely dissapointing by BB. And that is, that she has not been able to find the mother in her towards the child she had. She is extremely SELFISH FOR SAYING SOMETHING SO STUPID.

A bit of an eye opener - I didn't quite realise how outspoken BB has been. However, I think we are heading for interesting times in the next few years as the 'depression' takes hold. Watch the power hungry and righteous come out to try and make all sorts of new rules for us all to abide by. Freedom of speech - I don't think we will be able to remember what that was all about in the next few years! However, I do hope I am wrong.

73-year-old former sex goddess oh yes I would love to warm her bed!

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