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June 02, 2008


I never liked the series and I have no intention of seeing the movie. I agree with you about SJP and loved her in Square Pegs, even loved her in Once Upon A Mattress on Broadway.

Parker is a Jew, but how much more satisfying it would have been if, like Grace Adler/Debra Messing (Will & Grace) she could have played one on TV.

You're right, Liza, that would have been so interesting, I wonder why they didn't go that route. The only Jew among the main characters was convert Charlotte and I was disappointed in the film that there wasn't any mention of that because I thought her conversion was an interesting plot point (even though it was ridiculous how fast she did it).

I agree with you. The fashion stuff was my least favorite part of the series and what they seemed to emphasize in the movie. And who do you know who has children and can leave town in a moment's notice? No one, that's who.

Thanks for the heads up. I was about to go out to see it Sunday night with my m-i-l AND d-i-l, but we ran late and one of them said, Too tired, another time (the older one)

So now I don't have to go at all! It's Indiana Jones all the way. And Iron Man, btw, was terrific.

The hype leading up to the release of this film was so nauseating that I was tempted to boycott it but was admittedly drawn in last Sat. afternoon by a not-so-long line at the theater across from my dry cleaners in a block full of stores touting everything from SATC lingerie and handbags to vitamin water.

It was disappointing to see so many great characters from the series marginalized to mere cameos. Story was sacrificed for fashion and product placement. At times I felt like I was suffocating in a 3-D version of W Magazine!

By the way, many sources say it was Anna Witenour (sp?) of Vogue who told King to kill off Mr. Big but he refused to do so.

I saw many married couples at the screening I attended, including one man who laughed loudly at everything and a woman who sobbed openly and was comforted by her husband during the concluding scene.

Meanwhile, one other local theater emailed me a photo of a t-bone steak and a baked potato slathered in sour cream. The suggestion was that guys need not suffer in misery last weekend but visit the local steakhouse to watch the hockey playoff in peace while "those silly women" were at "that film." And by the way, they were showing Indiana Jones. I'm sure that's where all the local Mr. Big's were, right?

I went on the SATC bus tour in New York about four years ago. I gave them a lot of credit for pointing out that the show was sheer fantasy. The tour guide stated that a writer like Carrie couldn't afford to live where and how she did and in actuality would probably be facing a long commute from New Jersey each day to any publishing job in Manhattan. I wondered at the time how many people on the tour really believed that. Ah, the stuff that aspirational dreams are made of!

Well, I understand everyone's comments... but there seems to be a bit of bandwagon-jumping here. I, too, loved the series and thought it was well-written, and had great character and plot development - and touched on issues that had never been broached on television before. The movie certainly did not live up to the show.

That said, it was like candy for me. Colorful, tasty, left me wanting more... (I mean that in a good and bad way). It was straight-up fun for me to spend a couple of hours with those characters. Was it a good "film"? No. Was it 2 hours of unabashed escapism? I think so.

Let's save our energy for when they make the "Sopranos" into a crappy movie... I could get really passionate and pissed-off about that!

I think I was so shocked that you were writing about this movie, I accidentally dropped my cold green tea all over myself, my chair and the floor! So Here I am at work with wet pants, and no change of clothing.
I had no intention of seeing this movie, as I never watched any episodes but I did buy a couple of her tops at Harry & Steve's( I keep confusing those names of that store).
Thanks for the info that Mr. big didn;t die,

oy, this movie was about as deep as my toilet. Saw it last night. I never watched the series until it came to basic cable. It drew me in. But this movie...terrible dialogue, Big is unappealing (I liked Aidan), the plot predictable...where have all the good movies gone? HELP!!!

You did a good job of concealing your opinion when we spoke shortly before I went to see the movie. Even so, I went in with pretty low expectations. I have only watched the edited reruns and enjoyed them as a mindless, end-of-the day diestraction. Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! I found it highly entertaining. I did feel manipulated emotionally at times and it definitely calls for a suspension of reality, but IT'S NOT REAL (wish I could make those letters bigger). As long as one goes in with that mind-set, I would recommend it.

I watched the series on TV solely because I am an insomniac and there was never anything else on at those times. Never liked any of those materialistic people. Have no intention of seeing the movie, and oh how I wish every so-called news show would stop pushing it so very hard. And on the subject of "news" shows... Oh. I was supposed to be commenting on Sex and the City. Never mind.

I never saw the series and have no interest in the film, but after Robinov at Warners Bros. vetoed films w/ a female lead, I'm glad this was a financial success.

As for Big buying the 5th Ave. estate, I remember a great article from about a decade ago that was in, of all places, the TV guide. The writer of the piece priced the apartments, lifestyles, and careers of the "Friends" cast. I don't remember the exact figures, but they were all living about 250% above their means.

Saw the movie and your points are well taken. I did, however, guffaw loudly (to dead silence around me) at Candice Bergen's line: "Forty is the last age a woman can be photographed in a wedding dress without the unintended Diane Arbus subtext."

This is a really accurate review. Since I like heinousness, though, I kind of enjoyed the movie. They placed way too much of an emphasis on the friendship of the four women, the fashion, "LOVE" (I mean, Christ, this show was once famous for its cynicism and its popularization of the idea that love in NYC is dead), and even sex (that whole "coloring" scene was abominable). And since when does Carrie suddenly have money? She redoes her apartment, buys JHudson that ridiculously expensive bag, seriously... since fucking when? But yes, as previously stated, in spite of all of this I somehow enjoyed the movie. Don't ask why.

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