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June 13, 2008


Smear campaigns have been around forever, so there is nothing new -- except for the technology. Every elections seems to be sleazy nowadays, with people insinuating things about the other candidate. It has been institutionalized as part of the process. We almost expect it. Obama even seemed "boring" until he "came out fighting." The media loves it.

Everyone who gets to this point in their career is extremely ambitious and probably has made some compromises to get where they are today. I actually think it is unhealthy to see Obama as a "beacon of hope" or whatever unrealistic view we have of him as a candidate. This will just disappoint his followers later on. Being president is being a leader, but it is also being a manager of a very large "corporation." We'll see if Obama has the experience for that.

I, for one, believe that both Obama and McCain will run a fairly civil campaign. What concerns me are those 527 organizations that don't have to answer to the FEC.

We saw what the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were able to do by hiding behind the 527 regulation in 2004 and I, sad to say, have no doubt others will do the same thing during this election.

I agree with everything you said, but fear it's too late. The mudslinging and backstabbing that was doled out to HRC was largely done by the media, and not the opponent, and I'm not sure journalism will ever go back to the days of objectivity.

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