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June 18, 2008


Without a doubt, Cyd Charisse got more beautiful with age.

Great minds. I just put up a posting about Cyd Charisse and now I see that you've done a really brilliant, comprehnsive piece. And my other favorite bloggers likewise. We were lucky to squeeze into a generation that got the opportunity to consume these astounding musicals - I doubt young people today know them. You've got such great graphics here, Danny. Thanks.

Beautiful tribute. I don't think you're going to get any kind of argument about Cyd's legs. My goodness.

Thank you Danny for those wonderful clips. I was entranced and it added joy and delight to my day.

"Is it wrong that Kendall and I have always viewed Cyd Charisse and Tony Martin as our relationship role models even though we didn’t actually know them?"

Certainly not.

How wonderful that these Movie Stars were, in person, just as they seemed on screen.

Their life and marriage should be studied by today's celebrities. Wow, how wonderful would Hollywood be again if "stars" acted like Stars and not reality show contestants.

They sure don't make 'em like her anymore.

I suppose sometimes the fondest memories are in the details, and so while I will certainly recall Cyd Charisse in the various movie-musicals I saw as a young girl, I will remember her most for the day that I, as a young wardrobe intern years ago at a summer stock theater, took her to Montgomery Wards department store to purchase underwear, which her housekeeper forgot to pack and the poised and quietly aside way Ms. Charisse tiptoed into the office in designer rehearsal sweat pants and asked to speak about a place to buy said underwear with a sort of funny grin and included the phrase, "oh, but dear, nothing nice like Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdale's. Someplace easy. I don't want a fuss, of course. It is just underwear."

Even after a few seasons of meeting various stars as they tromped through this summer stock theater, I always admired her ability to seem both regal and human, as she somehow made everyone around her feel interesting and valuable, even just the awkward girl conspiring with her on the best place to find underwear.

A couple of days before she died, I was showing my dance students a Janet Jackson video in which Cyd Charisse made a cameo appearance. Not one of them knew who she was, so of course I had to bring out my Singing in the Rain dvd and introduce them to her.

I've been checking your blog, hoping for a tribute to this amazing woman. You didn't let me down.

Danny, your tributes and memorials are always better than any I read in the mainstream press. This was great. I enjoyed the video clips too.

That was one of your best tributes. I didn't know all those facts. But listen to this, when I heard of her passing, I didn't say, "Oh, let me read about it in the Times." I said, "I have no doubt Danny will write about this today after being upset by her passing, so I will read about her life on his blog."

I, too, let out an involuntary 'No!" upon hearing the news of Cyd's passing on Tuesday night. So few of the stars from the Golden Age of Film have been around in my lifetime that it's difficult to lose even one, let alone of of my favorites, and a truly gorgeous and talented woman at that.

Please accept my utmost thanks for the quality and comprehensiveness of this post, which I find to be a most fitting homage for Miss Charisse. I endeavored to translate my sense of loss into a fitting piece as you've done here, but was truly at a loss for words.

As for Cyd's films, I love 'Dancing in the Dark' from Band Wagon as well, but I think the sequence that shines as brightly as Cyd herself is the brief but vibrant 'New Sun in the Sky' number from the same film - it's all gold and glitter and swelling orchestra and Cyd, just as a scene from a true Freed Unit Musical should be. It never loses its magic, no matter how many times I see it.

Thank you again for this unparalled post on a legend.

I really like "The Bandwagon" too and for years felt like the only person who had seen it. Watching great dancing like that always gives me a lift. I don't comment enough but I really enjoy your posts.

I swear, Danny...everytime I read you, I get more and more jealous of your street encounters.

Cyd had her some laigs for sure...she was something.

Oh, how I have always loved to see Cyd dance in the old musicals. She made it look so effortless, as did Astaire. I would have given my right arm AND my ability to sing like a bird just to have her legs for a day.

Wow, Danny. I love reading your blog. I haven't had any time for over the last...Well, I can't remember the last time I actually had extra moments to sit down and read much at all.

Your writings about Cyd Charisse are wonderfully written. Thanks for sharing this and I agree you won't get any argument about Cyd Charisse's legs!

Enjoyed your tribute, the audio is haywire on my computer just now, but watching the Dancing in the Dark sequence I found I didn't miss it at all, their harmonious movement stands alone very adequately, Absolutely Lyrical!! Thanx!

I was telling my girlfriend today that Cyd C. had the best legs on the planet and started looking round to show her and found this. Perfect. You are sooo right, man!

I always loved the comment by Fred Astaire regarding Cyd... "When you've danced with Cyd Charisse you stay danced with!"

People like these come but once in a lifetime. We will never see their likes again.

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