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June 25, 2008


That was a great post. I love the 6 degrees of separation game. I've never been to a celebrity funeral. My friend from high school went to Tom Arnold's wedding that was full of celebrities, but that's because she grew up next to his family and we graduated with his sister.

You're lucky to live in L.A., where you can go to the funerals of famous people. I happened to be in L.A. the day that Gregory Peck's funeral service took place. I raced down to the cathedral and, wow, what a great bunch of stars I saw. The most I've ever seen together at one time. I adored Gregory Peck, so it was quite an experience.

The only celebrity memorial service I ever attended was the big one for Tony Randall at the Majestic Theatre in NYC in Oct. 2004. As an invited guest of Heather Randall, I got to sit in the bottom front near the speakers, which was nice of her to do. It was a memorable occasion. Later, I recall you telling me that you and Kendall also attended this and since it was some time before we got to know one another I guess that's our own "six degrees of separation" linked by the celebrities we knew in common, wouldn't you say? And glad I am that we shared these common interests!

My parents died on the same day as Man Ray, who had always been my artist role model. I thought it was rather neat, since I imagined them arriving at the Pearly Gates together and chatting about me. Cool to see their obits on the same page, too; it added a bit of brightness to an otherwise rather tragic moment.

Wonderful post, Danny. Great to read all about these three celebs. Sunday, I'll be attending a funeral for a 93-year-old mother of one of my friends. Selma wasn't as well known as the stars you mention, but I know the chapel will be standing room only. That's the great thing about life, one can be an ordinary soul and receive as much praise and provide as many loving memories as any Hollywood big name. There's hope for us all.


Oh Danny, I did want to make an intelligent response to the philosophical issues of interconnectedness that you raise, but after watching the clip of Cyd and Ricardo, I'm so flushed and breathless, on the edge of the vapors, that I have to go look for my smelling salts.

In speaking of a Jewish man married to a gentile woman, Kenneth Vivian Thimann's father was Jewish (his father became a Christian before marrying his gentile wife).

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