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May 21, 2008


This is really interesting -- thanks for the history lesson. I first became interested in (some would say obsessed with) the Kennedy family when I was in high school. I had about 30 books about them, though mainly JFK and RFK. But I still remember the little thrill I got when I went to UMass in 1991 and got a letter in the mail from Senator Edward M. Kennedy about some issue or other that I had written to him about. When I woke to NPR the other morning and heard about his brain tumor, I exclaimed, "OH NO!" I hope that Senator Kennedy will be with us for many more years, but his contribution to our government will never be disparaged by me.

Another great blog...going down Memory Lane... I feel like copying it and sending it to Sen. Kennedy with a get well card. Thanks again.

Thanks for this wonderful appreciation. Far too many Americans realize what a difference Sen. Kennedy has made ---and that when he steps down, there is no one who's proven willing to pick up the reins and continue the fight. Is there an heir? Someone who understands how important it is to stay in the Senate and continue Kennedy's role as the conscience of the people. Who is going to stand up and fight for our civil rights, our minimum wage, affordable health care, they're repeatedly threatened.
Before Barrack Obama announced his intentions to run for the White House, I thought he might be that person ---he has the ability to excite people, and get them interested in the world around them...and could perhaps turn more young people to public service. He could do more lasting good for his fellow Americans by staying in the Senate and fighting for those battles than he could as a one or two term president.
Who's going to be fighting for us now? I honestly don't see anyone in the House or the Senate who seems to want to stay in the job long enough to make a difference.
(BTW, David Broder had a great column about Ted Kennedy yesterday:

should take you there. It was on the Post editorial page, right next to this interesting one arguing that Hilary Clinton should fill the next Supreme Court vacancy.

Another great post. Growing up Southside Chicago Irish Catholic, my family worshipped the Kennedys. My mom was pretty disappointed with him during Chappaquiddick, but she got over it and was a life long Kennedy supporter.

It is indeed sad news. Great post and thanks for sharing this!

Danny, I didn't even know about the brain tumor until I came here today. I must have been hiding under a rock.

My mother's family is from back East, and I grew up on the Kennedys. It is hard to imagine a world where there are not several of them in politics, fighting the good fight for democracy, fairness, ethics, and justice.

Such sad news, but I'll hold out for a recuperation or remission. And, I must say, every time I read your blog I am struck by the rich and diverse life you've lead. Truly amazing.

Wow, what a great blog post. Thanks Danny.

Danny, this post expressed so well what I'd been feeling, but couldn't articulate, since hearing the news about Kennedy last week. I also learned a great deal I didn’t know. Truman could be such a horses-ass(excuse me). This is a man who held fast in the Senate despite tragedy and controversy and who has shown how operating in the heights of public service can bring about significant social and historical change. I did find myself taking issue with the media signing Senator Kennedy's death warrant with their negative prognosis, practically giving him less-than-a-year to live with little specifics on his individual case. I pray for him. What a giant.

I have been researching my mother's side of the family (her father and John McCormack - Edward McCormack's Uncle - were cousins). It is interesting to read campaign coverage from 60 odd years ago to see that the media hasn't really changed much! How many times have they named Hillary the underdog? My family has a connection to Boston politics and we were all saddened to hear of Ted's diagnosis. He is the last of a great legacy and has proven himself to naysayers time and time again. Let's hope he can prove it again wth a full recovery!

I was at a friend's house when my sister called me from England & told me to turn on the news. She said, "Ted Kennedy has the same tumor mom had." All I can say is that my thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy family. It's going to be a rough road as I can testify to.

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