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May 14, 2008


I know. I'm always so embarrassed when i meet people from other countries who ask me why we elected him. I do not include myself in that "we".

It takes so many words to express the smallness of this man.
I'll jump right away to why I voted for Obama: Because there's someone who feels about Hillary Clinton exactly as I feel about Bush. And we've had enough of that.

... and now we can put the FOX News spin on your post:

"In reaction to the news of Bush's most recent self-sacrifice, the preeminent writer/editor Danny Miller states today in his blog, 'His last round of golf was apparently on October 13, 2003. What an incredible history-making gesture. What an awe-inspiring leader.'"

The only thing about Bush I still pay attention to is how many days he has left in office: 250 days and counting.

Ugh, imagine being proud of such a "sacrifice." He should be ashamed of himself, but I am sure that he's not. 'Preening stupidity' is the perfect way of putting it, Danny. The man has made a complete mockery of what it means to be "the leader of the free world." Only 250 days left. I am trying to be optimistic that Obama will make it to the White House.

Did you see the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episode when Larry David denied being a golfer because he was accompanying a man in a wheelchair? But David didn't stop wearing golf attire because he got complimented on the attire. He eventually resumed playing golf.

Similar inanity by clueless men, except one is a TV character. Or is that two?

Another great post. I thought I was the only one avoiding the television, radio and papers in order to not hear that embarassment of a president.
My morning newspaper is reduced to Hints From Heloise. And even she's beginning to piss me off. What is it with her and buttons? Gimme a break!

You are much too hard on him. As usual, President Bush just got very mixed up... what he MEANT to say was: "Out of respect to all the the US soldiers that have been killed or maimed, and in deference to hundreds of thousands of the Iraqis that have been killed or had their lives destroyed by the US occupation of their land, I QUIT THE IRAQ WAR. I think this horror show sends the wrong signal."

250 more days? How do we tolerate one more minute?

It was Bush's presidency that actually got me interested in politics again, as in "Geez! How did we let that guy happen?"

My default news channel is the 24-hour cable station NY1, which has five minutes every hour of "And now the news from the world outside New York." To which I reply, "Oh puh-shaw, there IS no world outside New York."

Thanks for reading the Yahoo/Politico article for me, Danny. Yahoo is my news portal but I couldn't bring myself to click on the link yesterday. Like you, I stopped watching any TV news about the time Bush was elected. I listen to about 8 min. of NPR mornings and evenings during my brief commute, that's about it. I even discovered a way (through Yahoo) to read the local "fires and crimes" summary online so that I am not interrupted by inane TV anchor chatter about our city sports teams (Steelers Year Round Coverage! Penguin Hockey Playoffs Daily Summary!) or promos for network shows masquerading as news (i.e., Dancing with the Stars contestant who played high school football here!!)

It's sad that Bush, someone with the benefit of a Harvard education, does not understand the impact of what he has said. It is an understatement to call him a simpleton.

You're not alone in thinking at first it had to be a parody. Another friend said the same thing in his blog today. Apparently, Keith Olbermann (sp?) also had a lot to say about it last night, but I wouldn't know since I don't watch any political commentary shows.

I'll put a link to your piece in my next email newsletter so my friends around the world can read it, too.

Yes, we've finally found a man who makes us nostalgic for Nixon. I've said that several times in the past eight long years.

I assume this is what Laura Bush meant when asked about the Iraq war in a recent interview:

"No one suffers more than the President and I do".

Honestly, no one?

"The sight of Bush or the sound of his voice instantly raises my blood pressure and makes my skin crawl."

You, me, and so many others, Danny. Thank you for giving vent to the frustrations those of us with a brain left in our skulls feel. The man is a pariah, his cabinet is corrupt, and yes, DAMNIT, stupid or apathetic Americans let it happen. WHere's the missing millions from Halliburton? That investigation was simply disturbing, and tons of foul evidence of corruption was uncovered -- yet there they are, still raking in the big bucks.

The lies that have been told should have led to an impeachment. At the very least, a massive outcry from Congress. Yet besides some bickering and mild statements, there has been no huge drive to stop Bush and Cheney.

Oy, I could vent for hours. I'll stop, and just say thanks for royally pissing me off for the 1564th time since Bush began his Imperialistic Democracy.

the incredible thing is that here in israel they love the man as much as they can't stand barak. it's part of the unique cultural-existential realities of each of the two democracies. always good to step outside one democracy to listen to what folks in the other say and do. context is amost everything, i believe.

The guy's an idiot - what can I say. Oh I could say "clueless".
Anyway - he was an alcoholic until the age of 40 with Daddy always bailing him out. What I want to know is who voted for him the first time around?

How can you "respect the office" when the man himself shows no respect for it?
I'm afraid I'm among the ranks of those who have reached the point where we cannot bring ourselves to watch or listen to him, even for a moment on TV. My blood pressure goes up and my stomach churns.
And, by the way, he HAS been seen on the golf course since his noble gesture. No surprise.

Wait a second... you mean that WASN'T in The Onion? Next to the one about Bush going on a hunger strike to free Tibet?

Just because he was registered at Harvard U, doesn't mean he got a Harvard education. Perhaps he attended classes as much as he attended the National Guard.
I find it hard to believe they love him in Israel, maybe because it's easy to feel superior to him. Strange that he mentions appeasers in Israel...the grandson of a US gov't fined grandfather who had dealings with terrorists of WW2, better know as Nazis. As Frank Rich reminded us in his recent editorial, he immediately left Israel to talk to other Terrorists, the Saudi Royal Family. He is lower than low. If I were his family members, I'd change my name.

I was frothing at the mouth reading your post. And I was cringing when I read the transcript of the interview.

Are you fucking kidding me? Ha! That had me laughing out loud.

Just stumbled on to your blog after seeing "Jew Eat Yet?" come up in the results of something totally unrelated (lyrics to a song whose artist I had forgotten). Great Woody Allen quote, and interesting writing - you're on my Google Reader subscription list now. Consider yourself honored!

Howdy from Houston, Danny! I was looking for ANYTHING about The Magic Door the other day (still hoping to find an actual clip) & up came your blog. I stayed to read a few entries & have been coming back several times a day since, to catch up on your writings (yes, that's me using all your bandwidth).

I've wanted to comment on so many of your entries, but refrained, not having much interesting to add. However, this one pushed me over the edge (almost literally). Multiply your reaction to Shrub by a factor of 10 & you have how I feel about the current POTUS. Not only have I also had to suffer him as our President, but I also got to suffer him as 1 1/2 term Gov. here in Texas (been here 18 years). He was a secretive moron here & I'm so sorry the state of Texas inflicted him on the rest of the country (and the world). I can sleep easy knowing I never voted for him for anything. Hell, I never voted for any Bush for anything. Since Jeb "retired" & no one's heard from Neil since he played bandit with the Silverado Savings & Loan in the '80s, maybe once Chimp-Boy leaves office in Jan. we'll never again have to hear from any of the Bush family? Please?

I've also quit watching the national news for fear of being exposed to $#!!? , which is too bad, because I try to stay informed about current events. I get so disgusted, esp. about feeling so helpless to do anything about anything (I vote, write my congressman, etc., but none of them pay attention to us, so what's the point?).

About that reaction to a POTUS: multiply my reaction to Shrub by a factor of 10 & you'll get how I felt (and still feel) about Ronald Reagan. That one really made me turn purple. Committing treason & then telling anyone who disagreed with his decisions that they weren't good Americans? What happened to swearing to "uphold & protect the Constitution" ? I guess that's only when it's not inconvenient. I always say I wasn't there so I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing my feelings about Reagan are the same as those the upper classes had about Roosevelt - a traitor to his class.

Sorry for the long winded rant - you can't imagine how ill I become just looking at that smirking chimp face, even without hearing him.

Pegs. : )

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