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April 18, 2008


Happy Pesach! Glad that some of your valuables were returned. I try to NEVER leave anything of value in my car, even when it's parked in my driveway. Being an L.A. native has taught me this lesson.

I used a similar photo of Heston as Moses for the cover of our family hagaddah. Brilliant minds think alike!

A short comment for this time around. I came upon your blog via the Anne Frank entry and have been browsing through. I wanted to let you know I find your writing great, so I've got you saved on my favorites and will come back often!

Danny, I am so sorry this happened to you. Outside of an actual physical assault, there's no worse feeling than being stolen from. I am glad some of your property made its way back to you, and will hope that the LAPD can track your Mac to a pawnshop somewhere.

Hugs to Leah, too. This had to be devastating for her.

Very sorry to hear that, Danny, but I'm glad you got your manuscript back. That's the only truly irreplacable item. I've had my share of break-ins, too, I'm afraid. When I was 18 I went out on a date with a girl, and I still had my bass guitar in the car from band practice. When we got out of the restaurant, the car had been broken into and the bass gone.

It was worth quite a few sympathy points from the girl, though.

Happy Passover to you Danny and your family.
I am so sorry to hear about the theft. That is such an awful feeling when you have things stolen.

I am glad you and your family are all right.

We had our Passover Seder three weeks ago when Adam and Sarah were home from college. Since the school breaks are at the time of the Christian holidays, it worked best to pretend it was Pesach. We had a lovely service. Michael's brisket was awesome!

I'm sorry! I posted my comment without finishing it last night because suddenly I was having internet connection problems.

What I wanted to finish saying was how terrible the experience to have important things stolen, but thankfully your manuscript was found! Just recently my mother-in-law's bicycle was stolen from right in front of her home while she was inside for only a few moments. A very horrible feeling for her, especially since she lives alone! It's still fresh in my mind.

Do keep us updated on your book progress!

If my heart sank as I was reading this entry, I cannot even begin to imagine what yours did, Danny. Glad the manuscript was recovered. I do my very best never to leave anything of value in my car, and I try to back up my computer as regularly as possible.

And a very happy Passover to you and your family.

I cannot believe this happened to you, ONCE AGAIN...! OY OY OY! And that you did not have a back-up plan in place after the last time five months ago???

Oh Danny Darling...God is trying to tell you something.


I came by to wish you and Kendall a Very Happy Passover, my dear....It certainly seems like it may be a peculiar one.

Will we ever see each other?

Glad you got the other stuff back, and I hope the computer was at least insured, even if it wasn't backed up.

And I'm the last one to lecture, since I still need to back up and just finally got renter's insurance.

Hag Sameach Danny.

Yikes. Just yikes. Most of what I was going to tell you has been more than eloquently covered above. Except maybe this for emphasis: Lady of the Hills (I don't know her to call her old, much less oldold) is absolutely right. G-d IS probably trying to tell you something. One of life's little ironies is that your notebook crash scared the hell outta me; I backed up mine (for the first time in my life, I might add - I had to look up how to do it). And while it hasn't crashed yet (knock wood), I sleep a tad better. Thank you.

Oh, and I'm gonna make sure I don't keep anything valuable in the car, either.

Oh man! I'm sorry about your laptop but the return of the manuscript was such a relief to read about, I can't imagine what it must have felt like to get it back. LAPD and a good samaritin saved the day. This reinforces my belief in "little hints from God." Happy Passover.

So sorry to hear about this unfortunate incident and invasion of your personal space. Am glad some stuff was retrieved, ie. the manuscript. I've always worried about others' work in my possession going amiss via couriers, for example. I've done the majority of my freelance editing in hard copy with red pencil, so you can imagine if no copies of the work are made, how much effort is lost.

Happy Passover to you all.

I'm so sorry. It makes me sick that it happened to you. I'm also glad that at least your manuscript was retrieved. Out of everything, I'm sure that was the most important.

It's that Honda Civic, the gift that keeps on giving. I had one and it was broken into TWICE. The first time was in Park Slope in Brooklyn and the second time was at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. I lost clothes, a camera and my love of that car. Evidently the Hondas are the car of choice for breakins.

Ohhhhhhhhh, Danny, ya just gotta watch this YouTube vid, it's Jewerriffic!

Stay on groovin' safari,

How horrible is it to be robbed while you're at synagogue????? What a terrible loss!

But truly a moment of grace when your manuscript was recovered and the police took the time to try and find the owner of the bag.

A night of spiritual whiplash, huh?

Wow! What a story! Such a gam zu (this too, is good). My sister-in-law thought I was such an idiot for shlepping my laptop with me to the kotel (I had an appointment later with a prof at Hebrew U and had to show him something).

Who would break into a trunk, s-i-l asked?

Welcome to my mom's world.

Oy Danny...what a lousy thing to have happen. With a semi-happy ending though. So sorry...only you could turn such a crappy incident into a great post!

Painful. Painful. Painful. How will I go to sleep knowing that my entire music collection is out there in my trunk as we speak? So sorry, Danny.

Danny: There is more wonderful meaning in this experience than any comment of mine can convey (and I'd only be repeating what the 19 above mine have said).

But it did bring to mind W. Clement Stone's theory of "inverse paranoia": it's just possible that the Universe is conspiring to **help** you.

Hope you had a great Passover.

And by the way: wouldn't it have just sucked to lose a Marshall Field's bag?!

Still thinking of this post...and how my cousin lost his family's photos and his entire record collection from his trunk.
I hope you'll be backing stuff weekly now if not daily.

What a violation to have your car broken into like that. I have an old car and (wrongly, it seems!) have felt break in would never happen to me.

AND, what an unexpected blessing to have the irreplaceable marked ms. returned to you through such an amazing sequence of events! That is so great.

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