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April 13, 2008


God, I would love to watch these interviews, one after the other. I dont' watch much TV these days, but I don't think anything comes close to what you've described here. As you've pointed out, our attention spans are too short.

Gotta go.

Maybe I could use a shorter attention span—this post is insanely long! Thanks for getting through it, David.

Those interviews sound amazing. i really want to see the one with Margaret Sanger. I love how right on she is, even in the late 50's.

I miss the old 60 Minutes and Mike Wallace so much. Remember when Morley Safer covered Cam Ne and showed American soldiers torching the village? That was the beginning of the end for Vietnam.

I miss that kind of hard-hitting, effective, investigative journalism. It seems the only thing that comes remotely close is entrapping the pedophiles.

Wallace was also the one that broke

:-) Damn dangling lines.

Wow! I can't wait to get started on these. Thank you so much.

I so wish you had printed more of the answers of the interviewees..Like, Gloria Swanson answers to the questions you quaoted and MORE of Diana Barrymore---I remember her very very well...I did not know her, but saw her quite a bit on TV and a little bit on the stage as well as in her few films----Also, would love to have read more of what Jean Seaburg said in ansewrr to Wallace's very mean questions---(The Pre-Cursor to TMZ???)

The thing is...this kind of interview---The questions, at least, still does exist in a certain way....Look at that horrible debate the other night...Gossipy awful stuff...At least, back then, Mike Wallace wasn't pretending to be a journalist at that time....more of a Gossipy Reporter/Intereviewer... (Where can one get a hold of these Interviews Danny? I would love to see them, once again....I do remember the show and the other similar shows that Mike Wallace had on TV in the early 60's....I still recall a fantastic half-hour or hour---I don't remember the time of it---with the then completely unknown Barbra Streisand...who was fantastic and sang in the most magnificent way, on that show of Mike W's. too)

The other very telling thing is that an Elsa Maxwwell could not even be famous today because of her "looks"....And the fantastic Eleanor Roosevelt would probably have kept her Husband from being elected because she was not the pretty stylish woman that EVERYONE has to be now...OY OY OY! And Margaret Sanger...!

That more than half the general popultation has Plastic Surgery or Botox or Collogen or whatever else is available so they can look like everyobe else now...(Think Steppford here...) tells you how far we have fallen from what's "real" and the norm that was, back then.

A very interesting post, Danny. How fabulous were Kinescopes? Even though they were just someone filming the picture right off the Black & White TV set---To have a record of all these shows is really such a gift! (Do you have to go to The Museum of TV & called The Paley Center, to watch these???)

Happy Passover my dear.

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