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April 04, 2008


Wow. Those are some great random facts about yourself. I didn't learn how to drive until I was 30, I even lived in LA without a license and actually took the bus to get to work and back in 1988.

Wow Danny, who knew???

Well these are amazingly interesting things about you Danny....Weird? Well, LOL...I guess it all depends on your point of view....I didn't find them weird at all....In fact I found them fascinating....!
Weird would be that you have six fingers on your left hand...Or something like that....!

Will I do this one? Well, I did it a long time ago...But I have absolutely no memory of what I said back then....

I'll get back to you on this one....! (lol)

My Lordy..! I just watched this dear little clip....! Did you know that I was actually on AMERICAN BANDSTAND "back in the day"???

Oooops! That could have been one of my "seven weird things"....!

This was incredibly fun, and the video was beyond great! I never got those American shows where people would dance - was that really suppposed to be entertaining?

Shouldn't that be grosdrapeauphobia? ;)

Man, you expect me to do this after giving us all those oh-so-fascinating things? I can't possibly compete (well, except for the fact that I also believe in reincarnation -- sort of a la Albert Brooks in DEFENDING YOUR LIFE, which means I keep coming back here over and over again). Anyway, I'll see what I can come up with sometime soon.

A purple leisure suit? That's child abuse!

The theme from "Kiddie-A-Go-Go" sounds very Gary Lewis and the Playboys.

I don't care how long it takes you, even if it takes years of research -- you must find the video of you on Kiddie-a-go-go.

Okay Danny, there are now seven weird things posted on Tequila Mockingbird. The one thing I didn't do is tag seven other people (yet). Primarily because two of the other three people I know who blog are you and our friend Mother Courage. If I can figure out more people to tag, I will.

When you call - I must answer! So, my 7 weird and random things are up! Gee. This was quite difficult for me and yet ... there they are! Thanks for tagging me - I think.

That's an amazing B movie episode you lived through there, that Palestinian drug-smuggling ring. Did this guy look like Claude Rains, by any chance?

Actually, David, he was a dead ringer for Omar Sharif.

Emily, do you remember the name of Albert Brooks' character in "Defending Your Life"? It was DANNY MILLER. The only other actors who've played Danny Miller in the movies were Larry Parks and, believe it or not, Sally Field.

Oh Danny, what would I ever do without you in my blog life? Hilarious post.

Hi Danny,

Just catching up on your posts and see that you sweetly named me in your meme quest. If you've been on my blog lately, you'll note I haven't added anything since Oct. '07. I have a good excuse: I'm writing a novel and since I've never been able to do two things at one time, am focusing on that.

Thanks for thinking of me, but I'll have to take a pass this time around.

Your 7 Weird Facts are, as always, fascinating and fun to read.


I just spit Coke.

We never had a Kiddie A Go Go in Music City. I'm jealous.

Why don't I remember Kiddie-A-GoGo? Is it because I was in Pittsburgh and you were somewhere infinitely cooler? I was going to comment on various postings - I'm catching up on your tonight - but the clip has got me up and doing the Monkey.

I think I knew you as a kid. I went to Rogers School and KINS for hebrew school. We hung out with kids from Peterson. Does any of this sound familiar? I found this site Googling for Camp Objibwa. Let me know.

And I thought it was cool when my sister was on Romper Room....dadgum, Danny. That just knocks you up to the top of my Cool List.

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