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March 30, 2008


I agree -- the foofarah surrounding race is obscuring many other watersheds -- including that we finally have a contending candidate who admits his drug use. At this point, it would be hard to vote for someone who insisted they'd never tried anything. That would brand them as a nerd, and we simply cannot have a nerd holding the nuclear briefcase.

Doesn't it look like LBJ is checking his BlackBerry...?

I agree. It's so much easier not bring things up among my siblings, because of the sh*@ storm it can start, but it also keeps us from actually working things out.

So glad you voted for Obama!

I am a big Obama fan, myself, Danny...And for the first time in 50 (YES FIFTY) years gave a bit of money to a Candidate.....(Incidentally, Nora Ephron had a wonderful thing in Huffington Post today..well, yesterday now....on Hillary....)
Another factor about Bill Clinton was his finger waving denial of "I DID NOT have sex with that woman..." Talk about talking down to his supporters and others...PLUS, 'What "is" is......?' OY!
These kinds of things are a disaster in untruth telling....And now we have Hillary lieing about Bosnia....

I thought Obama's speech was a milestone in every way and his eloquence on the subject of 'race' is more than a breath of fresh air....It is fantastic!
Saying the truth instead of fudging is preferable to me, every time! And the same old same old has got to go. We need this new openness and sense of hope in our country, particularly after this gang of theives and liars that have been running things the last 8 years...! Obama gives me hope!

Seriously? Another Patricia Neal offspring? How weird is that? I just wrote a love letter to her the same day you wrote this post -- my birthday, so obviously I was thinking about Mom.

As for Roald, I remember reading James & the Giant Peach aloud in 2nd grade, and getting in major league trouble because I said "damn". The teacher grabbed the book from me, not believing that the word was in there...but it was.

Dad was so risque!


I was wondering who you voted for. I am glad you spilled the beans. Michael and I voted for Obama as well and have given him money--the first time we have ever donated to any political campaign.

I too was going to vote for Hillary. What won me over was his commitment to keep the campaign as positive as possible and his vote to stop the war from the beginning. There was something else too that is harder to define--inspiration, hope, fresh new outlook without the baggage--that I respond to on a gut level.

I like the grassroots feel of his campaign. It feels good to have the momentum and groundswell coming from the "ordinary" people.

I have not been this excited about a candidate since Kennedy and I was only 9 years old when Kennedy died.

I have to admit one of the reasons I became sold on Obama was his response to the question about pot, "did you inhale?". He said, "That was the point."
Great post!

I wonder if future textbooks will include Obama's honesty about smoking pot alongside George Washington's honesty about chopping down the cherry tree. The evolution of a country!

ahhhhhh. (blissful sigh.) i loved your post, and also loved each comment. danny, you have your priorities straight, and that isn't easy to find in this world at this time. it's very interesting to me that u.s. people of a wide range of ages are saying something like "i haven't felt this way about anybody in public life" since kennedy, king, or kennedy. we lost all of those people too young, and in addition to losing their idealism along with them, we lost the courage of public figures who speak their own truth no matter what the cost to them. it was a huge courage and therefore a huge loss. i actually worry for obama's safety because of that -- a needless worry, i hope -- but feel deeply moved by his courage now, which he has shown in a number of ways (most of which seem to get lost in the political muck). i was in my teens when each kennedy and then king was assassinated; i felt the trauma deeply, as a person in limbo between childhood and adulthood. the assassinations were a prelude to an unfortunate cynicism in our politics and in those of us who are not famous yet try in our small ways to steer our politics and our country's guidance in a constructive direction. some kind of innocence was lost permanently (it seemed at the time of each assassination); like others, i have not felt hope like i feel now because of obama since the tumultuous 1960s, but it's finally here, and hallelujah! and like so many others, i've never contributed to a politician's campaign before this. my husband and i are on fixed incomes and generally have no extra $ to send out into the world. and yet, four times in the past two months i've sent $25 to the obama campaign, and it feels great. i guess that is what the possibility of longed-for honesty, responsibility, and political as well as other types of courage will do to a person who feels stepped on, humiliated, and horrified by what her government has "accomplished" in eight years!

Is that a real picture of Obama?

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