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March 11, 2008


Yeah, yeah, yeah! I came to this site hoping to find out more about Alma Gluck.

I'm so jealous! I may have to make a trip to NYC just to see this!

(When I saw it starring Tyne Daly, the applause happened at her "Sing out, Louise!" as well.)

Danny, I love how gay you are...I would love to spend a day with you, just singing show tunes.

The mother in the first play sounds frighteningly like my ex-mother-in-law.

Gypsy has always been my favorite musical. I would love to see it live.

There never was nor will there ever be another Musical as perfect as "GYPSY", except maybe, "SHE LOVES ME"...(For different reasons)...
I too have seen many ladies do "Rose"...including the already mentioned ETHEL MERMAN, on Broadway...(Don't count her out just yet, Danny...) Angele L., Tyne D., Bette M. on TV, Betty Buckley in Bucks County, Of course the film, with Roz Russell....And I cannot tell you how I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Ms Lupone! I DO believe she was born to play this part and always felt she would make an exceptional ROSE, especially after seeing her in SUNSET BLVD in London! I PRAY they do a cast recording of this version...Please God!
And there has never been such a PERFECT Oveture heard before a show, ever ever ever....!(I sish I had a dollor for every time I conducted that Oveture in my Living Room/Den...) Ahhhh that Jule Styne....The Best of The Best!
Your experience that night with the two strange happenings in the Theatre will go down in history book as "Odd Occurrances" in Theatres during a show! Good Lord, the ceiling coming down...! I had read about it, too, but had no idea that someone I knew was actually there "living through it"...!
I would love to see that play from The Steppenwolf people, too. It sounds superb!
You had such a rich time in New York Danny...Bravo for sharing all this with us.

Oh my God! I was at the same show. I missed the crazy loud talker but not the ceiling mishap!

Is that man in the picture from the first play Mr. Katimski from My So-Called Life?!?!?!?

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