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March 01, 2008


Lucky you! Isn't NYC just fabulous in the snow when it's still falling? I still act like one of those turkeys, and I'm USED to the snow. I love David Mamet and will have to get up there to see this one. Actually, I need to get up there period, but right now, life seems to be very busy with other stuff, like going to the local high school musical this evening (a Big Event in these parts).

Is it possible that you are single-handedly keeping broadway alive with all the shows you see?

Danny - How could you go to NYC and forget your rubbers?!

(Remember those rubber overshoes that Dads used to wear over their dress shoes in winter?)

In any case, those SNL promos were lame, but I'm really looking forward to the show tonight! Have a great time.


P.S. The NPR simulcast of Wilco at the 9:30 club last week was fabulous. I was thrilled to hear "It's Just That Simple", John's contribution from AM.

Wilco rocked last night! I love it when a band looks like they're having a ball. I'm gathering up the Wilco albums I have to listen to and buying the ones I don't. Looks like I'll be obsessed for a while. I've been wanting to read Mamet's book about the movie business--Bambi vs. Godzilla.

Inquiring fans need to know: In the audience, could you hear when Jeff changed "You" to "Sue" near the end of Walken? I've never heard him do that before. It was really quite sweet. Also, where did Jeff get that Nudie Suit and what's the significance?


How long are you back in New York for?

In my mind, Dylan Baker will always be the pedopheliac father from "Happiness". I avoid tuna-fish sandwiched every since then.

Loved the pics of Sammy & Spencer on Jeff's guitar strap during his SNL gig, and the Obama button.

Mary, I didn't notice the mention of Sue until I watched the tape later (but Sue noticed at the time). I LOVE that Nudie suit. Can't I wear one in my life as a book editor? What would happen if I went to a job interview wearing that? I'm sure Jeff wore it last night at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

Retropolitan, I'm here until Tuesday—one more play to get in tonight before I go. God, I love this town.

Goods, I'm amazed you noticed Spencer, Sammy, and Obama on Jeff's buttons. I could barely see the Barack button on camera, we thought maybe NBC was cropping him out in deference to Hillary's appearance on the show!

Oh, THAT'S where I recognize Dylan Baker from, I knew I'd seen him before...

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