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March 03, 2008


Danny, so glad that you got so close to the action. And yes, the most amazing thing of all is that your brother-in-law graced the stage where so many musical legends have entertained. Good for him.

Safe trip home...

God, that was great hearing what it's like being behind the scenes. You have to admire writers who can turn around and create new scenes/lines/sketches without missing a beat. Long live TV and film writers!

Great report, Danny. I was in the audience of SNL about 20 years ago, during the trying Joe Piscapo times. It has improved, thank goodness.

Thanks for the great description, particularly of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett watching Wilco's performance. I was pretty excited about the show. The first time in a while I thought about staying up to watch the whole show. (But I Tivo'd and watched the next day. I'm so old). I thought Wilco was great. Loved the Nudie suit. And I agree about the cast. I'm still laughing at the Nicholas Fein bit.

Catherine Keener!?!? CATHERINE KEENER!!!?!?

I am never washing this keyboard again.


Danny, I just discovered your blog! I think it is wonderful and amazing to have such an eloquent re-cap of the great Wilco events we have gotten to be a apart of over the last month... and then some. Truly fabulous!

I will stay tuned.

Hope to see you again soon.

Thanks, Cassandra C.

I wish I was the Bro-in-law of a band like Wilco. God, it has so many benefits that reek of envy.

I thought Wilco was wonderful, as always... but I cringed through everything that wasn't Wilco. Maybe it was a mistake for me to have watched 3 episodes from the 1975 season of Saturday Night earlier last week? There is just no comparison.

You show up in the most amazing places....

Hey Danny. To be perfectly honest, it was my fiance', Jennifer, who pointed out the pics of Sam/Spencer, as well as the Obama button. So I can't take full credit.

Jennifer has baby-sat for Sam/Spencer on many occasions, even toured with Wilco a couple of times. I'm sure you guys have met.

Anyway, that's how I found your blog. Keep it going, love the posts.

That's so cool. When I was in junior high, all we did was quote SNL. It was the John Belushi days, so there were lots of funny quotes.

I am in awe of you. And now you're THAT Danny Miller. The one with the backstage pass to SNL. I can't believe I missed this on TV. I need to join the Wilco fan club or something.

I started reading your blog when someone mentioned it on the viachicago website (I am a huge Wilco fan). I stayed because it is such a delight to read! You are wonderful writer, and I look forward to your posts. While watching SNL, I was wondering if you were there. Thankfully you were, and we can all read this wonderful behind-the-scenes story!

Danny, Luv your blog. You have a way of making everyone feel like they were sitting right there next to you. I noticed Jeffs buttons right away. I called Bruce after the show. We did our analizing. Your Brother-in-law did a wonderful job.

Wonderful post. I have to get a Wilco CD!

That's for taking us along on your Walk of Fame. A nice seat in the audience couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Oops - I meant THANKS for taking us along.

I am, once again, living vicariously through your exciting life. Thanks to you, I am just a couple of degrees of separation away from, well, just about everyone who's 'anyone'! Congratulations and thanks for yet another great story and post.

Danny...again I am green with envy. Your life IS perfect, isn't it??? I thought so.

Hi Danny
fyi: that is not a Nudie Suit that Jeff is wearing... it was made by Jaime Castenada; a one time employee/understudy of Nudie Cohn, who stayed behind in LA when Nudie moved to Nashville.
(It was a birthday present from Tony Margherita)

I enjoy your blog!

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