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February 23, 2008


ooooo, Danny, I'm so jealous, I'm turning green right before my very eyes. Say hi to Dave Letterman for me, while you're in NYC. Have a great time. (Love your description of Oscars in "body bags").

I saw those Saran-wrapped Oscars on the evening news tonight and thought, "I'll bet Danny's got better pictures than that." And I was right. :)

"Live...from New's...Jew Eat Yet?"

Danny, have a super time in New York City, and perhaps next time you can make a quick side trip to Toronto to visit your family and blogging friends.

Have fun in NYC. I'll look forward to your theatre reviews and other news next week!

Just when I'm coming to LA, you're going to NY. Timing, bah!

Hahahahaha! "Oscars in bodybags."
You are hilarious!
Have a brilliant time in NY

Danny - I know *exactly* what you mean. Last year I couldn't possibly make it home to Toronto for a visit, but I had no problem meeting my sister and mother in Manhattan for a long weekend! (We saw a really interesting play, which just ended, about the mysterious death of actress Dorothy Hale.)


P.S. I was actually freaked-out by the image of Oscar in the body bag

Danny, I'm SO jealous too! I hope you have a wonderful time and I'll Tivo SNL in the hope of an audience shot (I haven't actually watched it since the 80s - I'm never up that late anymore - so I have no idea if they show the audience or not...)
And like you, I made it to LA this year - but Toronto????

When they announced Wilco for next week, I'd wondered if you were going to come to NY. Lo, the power of blogs.

I love your visuals here and can understand why the body bags were creeping you out. I'm very jealous of your planned trip to NYC and SNL tickets.

Oooh...lucky you! Who would of thought that back in high school that you would be sitting at the Grammys, Oscars and SNL!! Have a great time in New York!

Seeing those wrapped golden statues reminds me of the VHS box cover for the movie "Coma".

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