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February 04, 2008


Boy, this was really a fun read. I have always been highly intrigued by the Kennedy assassination, and I have my own thoughts (which I will not share here) about it. I had no clue about Ruby's background, and I'm glad you did all of this footwork. Oswald was a very intriguing guy as well, BTW.

Wow! What an fascinating story...interesting connections too!!! Hmmm? I think I can envision a screenplay or novel here!

I remember at the time of Jack Ruby's illness and subsequent death, that there was a great deal of suspcisn about the fact that he died when he did....! Like he was being shut up so that nothing he might know would come out. Who knows?
And I remember quite clearly watching tv as Oswald was being moved, and as Ruby him right before our eyes....It was incredible and horrific to actually see this on television....Also, the connections of The Mafia/The Mob/The Underworld are notorious when it comes to nightclubs...So he certainly had to have ties to this part of show business and those many many people who were involved in these groups.
It is fascinating to think that Ruby may have had ties to your familt, too!

I'd put my money on that the Mr. Ruby in question is the Ruby of Jaymar-Ruby Pants.

Very cool story and photo. I've always been fascinated by the players in the JFK mystery, and it certainly looks to me that your family had at least a brief connection with Jack Ruby. Seems like that would be a few coincidences too many if the man in the photo wasn't *the* Jack Ruby. Excellent detective work.

I always suspected that Jaymar-Ruby Pants was behind the Kennedy assassination...

i am related to jack ruby not kidding!!!

My father was buried that day at Westlawn. I rember passing the gave site service for Ruby as we pulled in. I believe Mr. Ruby was buried some were near the front end, My father was buried near the back in a new section at the time. Just such an odd thing to have been passing a moment that was just a part of one of the largest events of my life. I also found myself sevral years later a block from the Embasador Hotel in LA the night Bobby was shot.

My French teacher in High School was named Gale (or maybe Gayle) Graubart. This was 1963-67. She said that her father was Rabbi Graubart, who presided over the ceremonies for Jack Ruby. I went to Ridgewood High School, which is in Norridge, Illinois, just outside the Chicago city limits. Westlawn Cemetary, where Ruby was interred, was just down the road (Montrose Ave) at most a mile west of the school. In fact, I remember watching Ruby's funeral procession going down Montrose Avenue, having heard on the news that this would occur that day.

I was a witness to Jimmy Hoffas abduction and murder . I,am currently writting a book . The title will be" Hoffa,s secret witness ". It will be on the shelves around one year from december 2010 . I know who did it and have proof that law inforcement officials covered up the truth . I have a collaborating witness who can place me there at the Machus red Fox restaurant making a regularly scheduled delivery . Also this collaborating witness remembers me telling him the stoy at the time . 35 years ago . I walked away from a 200,000 thousand dollar reward at age 26 in 1975 . I was fearfull for my life . All the involved partys are dead today . I have called and written the FBI on hundreds of occassions and have even presented myself to the FBI office in my local community . Look for Hoffa,s secret witness in about a year .

I believe Jack Ruby did not die of cancer and that someone other than Ruby is burried in his grave . Or possibly no one is there . He should be removed and tested on dental records and or DNA . It was a elaborate ruse to kill oswald and escape punishment . Ruby was probly a CIA spook . He may have lived his life out in Costa Rica or Mexico .Oswald was right , he was a patsy . Ruby worked for Richard Nixox,s law firm in the fortys and introduced Marilyn Monroe to brat pack member Peter Lawford who was related to the kennedys . The purpose was to gain control of John Kennedy via black mail . Monroe refused to partisipate and was murdered .

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