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February 07, 2008


Jesus, Jennifer Tilly. Incredible.

Great job, DaMi, you've inspired me. To do what? I'm not sure yet.

Jesus, considering that your interview was total random, I can't think of a better match-up. And notice how I used the word "Jesus" with two Jews. Thank you Danny for introducing Arjewtino to your readers.

Great post. Just can't imagine my blog mattering enough (to me) to participate in this.

I think that's the most entertaining interview I've seen in Neil's experiment so far. Great to discover you bth.

This was a wonderfully fun interview, and a great match. I am definitely going to visit Arjewtino's blog. Very good job - great questions, Danny, and superb answers, Arjewtino!

I loved, loved, loved your interview. Both the interviewer and the interviewee were fascinating and fun.

I very much enjoyed the entire interview.
Who is the artist the illo at the top - is it a photoshop?

They made a musical out of Anne Frank?!!! I can't believe I missed that one!


Where can we find your interview?

Great interview. Sorry about "Sky Blue Sky" not winning the Grammy album of the year, but the Grammys have rarely been about the music.

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