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February 16, 2008


You're making me wish I'd participated in Neil's interview lovefest. Ah, well. I'll satisfy myself by reading yours, knowing I wouldn't have come up with something half as good.

Oh, and for the did know I moved to L.A. in '92 to write for an ABC kids' show, Rhythm & Jam, which never aired after the pilot?

Yeah. Uh-huh...

Wow Danny, this is SUCH a great interview. It could be published in any excellent arts magazine. You both did a fabulous job!

And my first job here was for a dumb disney cartoon! We all got suckered into moving here for nothing!

Great interview. And after meeting Theresa, I want to visit Alaska too (and we'll bring a copy of annie hall for her).

I also enjoyed the interview. Great questions and answers.

This is a minor point, but I just want to clarify something: The show in which Buster Baxter meets other kids is called "Postcards from Buster," which is a spinoff of "Arthur." There's one episode in which Buster hangs out with some Jewish kids in NYC, one of whom is the daughter of a friend of ours. There's even footage of her Bat Mitzvah.

Nice interview. I love the questions and the answers.

That was fun, reading about you. You would have not loved living in Chicago this winter. Now we're in the where is the ice, and am I going to break my neck today stage. Lovely.

Wow! I learned so much about you from this interview. So, when are you coming to visit so I can give you my own interview questions? Your brother-in-law, I see, is going to be in Philly this weekend. Wish I'd been paying attention and had known about that before it was sold out!

Hi Danny,
i loved this interview, you always hit my interests right on with inspiration for my own writings too while reminding me that I'd better get to the movies soon. Thanks.

You, my friend, are one fascinating interview. Thanks for being so thorough and schooling me in the wisdom of Annie Hall. You're right, I don't think I got past Sleeper.

Great interview! I always think of you when I am listening to Fresh Air, and have wondered if it's you!

This was a great read! Thanks to you and Theresa!

Theresa is a terrific interviewer. I know this from first-hand experience. Your answers were very thorough and interesting. Forgive me for commenting six days late. I got here as soon as I heard.

great interview here and there... w the argentinian jew, who, sadly has not yet discovered the beauty in the religion he was born into. i am NOT a preacher, pusher, or flag-waving solipsist. just a person who is sorry that someone (he) is old enough chronologically to have moved by now beyond the short version on his tribe that he says he got as a kid. hugs and felafel from your ranting pal and fan, me (in my tel aviv phase of residence;-)

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