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February 12, 2008


I feel like I was there. Thanks for the excellent reportage. Makes me want to buy a mess of music for my iPod Nano (which, as you rightly note, is the point of these things).

First of all I want to tell you that your daughter is a beautiful young lady! I also want to say that I watched the show on and off and it was pretty good. I was looking for your family in the audience, but didn't see them. How exciting that you were able to be there!!!

My oh my - Leah looks marvelous.
This post has me drooling with envy. What a night!
But the post is so descriptive I felt as if I was there.

Hilarious recounting, Danny. Leah is a stunner; I can't believe she's only 13. (I think I was 13 the last time I watched the Grammys.) I am disappointed that you didn't include a shot of your sister glammed up by Helen Mirren's stylist!

I wanted to post some pics of my sister, Heather, but she wouldn't let me! Too bad because she looked great all decked out. She was wearing a bunch of jewelry that Tiffany's lent her and was terrified all night that she'd lose something. How does Liz Taylor do it? All the Wilco wives looked gorgeous but they kept getting shunted aside by the rabid photographers on the red carpet.

This was the first time I watched the Grammys myself since I was a kid and I really enjoyed it. Agree with you that it was more of a concert than an awards show so maybe that's why I liked it. I watched it mostly because of Amy Winehouse, whose music I discovered some time ago. I have both of her albums and a concert on DVD. She's a great talent in spite of her problems. Agree with your closing comment on what Natalie Cole said about Amy. Didn't Natalie herself battle addiction at one time?

The treatment of the lifetime achievement and other unseen winners was disappointing and confusing. At home, it seemed they were scrolling the names of award winners who weren't shown in tiny print at the bottom of the screen. I found this impossible to follow and had to look at a theatre web site to find out who won best show tunes, etc.

Sorry your brother-in-law didn't win. I was rooting for him. Thanks for the great post on an exciting evening for you and your family. It was, as someone else said, almost like being there!

I too watched for the first time, and love that you have provided local color here. Sort of Joan Riversish, aren't you? I thought the same thing about Amy Winehouse and Barbra Streisand. Is that intentional, do you think?

I watched most of the Grammy's,but I like your post better.

Sounds like you had a GREAT Time, Danny....! I watched some of the Grammy's here and there...I think they should stop calling it The Grammy AWARDS Show....since only 10 Awards were given out in 3 1/2 hours of televised show---When 111 Awards are AWARDED,m all together!!! Hello?
I think it was FABULOUS that Herbie Hancock won ALBUM OF THE YEAR! In fact, unprecedented! So, for that alone, I think the Grammys were wonderful!!! (lol)

Leah looks STUNNING! Love the straight look. Great post Danny - I so love your spot-on comments (especially about Prince...never really "got" him....) Your description of the after party is hilarious - I felt like I was watching a movie - hey, maybe there is a movie in there somewhere...

Danny - Great recap. Is this the first time that you've been compared to Joan Rivers? That's a great compliment! And this was only your first gig...

I have to agree with the others regarding Leah - Wow! She is truly stunning, and better dressed than most of the presenters.

I got a good look at Jeff and Sue on the way to commercial. Sue looked fabulous, as always (she doesn't even *need* Helen Mirren's stylist), but the jaw-dropper for me was Jeff -- I yelled to my spouse, "My God! Jeff combed his hair for this thing!"

Mary M.
Cotati, CA

P.S. I admire your nephews' school friends for trying to make them feel better by calling Dave Grohl & Co. "Poo Fighters", but I have to note that "F00" (a computer programming term) essentially means "s**t", so "Poo Fighters" is not necessarily an insult. Also, Dave Grohl is such a sweetheart that it's hard to deny him ANY hardware even though Sky Blue Sky was clearly a better album.

Leah looks gorgeous, Danny, and reminds me of your mom.

oh the jealousy.

you kill me.

Hey, Danny,
I'm totally into awards shows myself, for some odd reason. In fact, I'm racing to see all the 5 Best Film nominees for the Oscars in time for my annual Academy Awards party. As for the Grammy's, I've been a fan of Amy Winehouse for quite some time and I thought her startled-in-the-headlines reaction to her Grammy win was the most authentic moment I've ever seen in an award show. (Is she Jewish? I didn't know that!) I'm jealous of your attendance, but know that I'm lucky to have your report. Thanks!

Don't be a hater, Danny. Prince is awesome. :)

BTW, Bob and I saw Aretha at Wolf Trap last summer. OMIGOD, is all I can say. And I'm proud to say that I was on the Amy Winehouse bandwagon way before she went into rehab. Love her voice, love the arrangements on her songs.

And Leah looks lovely in red.

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