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January 26, 2008


These two films you reviewed will probably not be seen by me, ever! I personally have no interest in having the 'bejeesus' scared out of me by actually going to a movie for that express purpose...! Call me crazy...BUT, none of that interests me when disaster is actually happening throughout our world and right here in good old Washington, D.C. I still want something escapist, I guess...even a film about real things we all deal with or might deal with are preferable to me....! I must say, the only thing I might be interested in are the "special effects"...but in all honesty, the fascination with that is just about as strong as watching an Open-Heart-Surgery Operation, by choice...Needless to say, it wouldn't be! (lol)
So I thank you for telling me as much as yoo did about these films Danny, cause that is as close as I will ever get to them!
I ALWAYS love your reviews, my dear....Keep em coming!

No, I wouldn't see them either. Although the plot about the virus gone haywire in I am Legend sounds interesting, I'm not paying $10 or whatever it is now to see it. I wouldn't even sneak into either or those films, I agree with the Old Lady above, I see films for the escapist aspect.

Cloverfield, that's the film that's making people in the theater sick from the handheld footage. I heard something about it on the radio this morning and just checked online, they're posting warnings in some theaters about it. Uh, no thanks. I can get sick at home when it's on cable.

I don't like horror movies at all. But I think I'd classify "I am Legend" more in the realm of thriller, or suspense.

After seeing the previews, I have no desire to see "Cloverfield"... and I couldn't even watch "Blair Witch" on tv! But we enjoyed "Legend".

I too enjoyed your reviews. Perhaps when these movies are on dvd at the library, I will borrow them. Other than that, I'll happily avoid them. I still wonder whether it's worth it to see, I'm NOt there, but since Bob dylan isn't there, is it worth it?

I haven't seen any of them yet. My daughter has and really liked the first two.

I think it's funny that our own President can exploit 9/11 to his political heart's content but let some film makers use it as a plot or background for a movie and oh my gawd, how can they. Too funny.

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