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January 21, 2008


Thanks for this great remembrance of one of my favorite actresses, Danny. I own every available episode of the original Bob Newhart Show on DVD. Last night I got out the set and reviewed a few episodes. I had been looking forward to hearing more about her star ceremony on Jan. 31, which I first read about in Army Archerd's column just a few weeks ago. I'm so sorry that she's gone, although I knew she'd been very ill. In today's world, 70/71 years is not very old at all. Your quote from Hedda Hopper is wonderful and certainly apt.

What a great tribute!

Of course, in addition to just loving the hell out of The Bob Newhart Show, period, I remember being stupidly proud that it was set in Chicago, and always thrilled to see their condo on Sheridan Road on my way to school each morning.

And I suspect I'm not the only one who obsessed like that.

I'm so sad about this. She always felt like one of us, somehow... reminded me, back in the Newhart days, of my mom. Same style, same basic age, same set of balls.
Bums me out.
Thanks for this wonderful tribute.

Classy woman. I thought the last episode of Newhart was one of the best, and most unexpected, television moments ever. Thanks for the tribute.

I didn't know Suzanne Pleshette except peripherally, but she was a great great friend of Madlyn Rhue, who I did know, and when Madlyn's career was pretty much stalled into oblivion by MS, Suzanne P. could not have been a better friend...they had a great BFF type friendship and used to walk down the street, (back when Madlyn could still walk) hand in hand...There was something quite touching about that and about the way Suzanne Pleshette was there for her friend till the day she died.
Sometime in 2003-early 2004, I was having dinner at Orso's with a dear dear old friend, Gary Belkin, who was a comedy writer....Tom Poston, who Gary knew very very well, and Suzanne P. sat down at the table next to us. A lot of laughs were had that evening there in Orso's....Now, all three of those people are dead. Gary of Emphysyma...another lifeolong smoker, like Suzanne P. Very Very sad.
Suzanne Pleshette was a great GREAT dame!
Lovely tribute, Danny....and well deserved, too!

Thanks for your beautiful tribute. I remember her well. She was a favorite actress of mine. I wanted to be like her since her early days on tv. She seemed so sophisticated. Very sad, I wish everyone could stop smoking. Too many good people have died from smoking. WAKE UP People, quit now.

I always loved Suzanne Pleshette. She was a role model for me. Such a beautiful woman who didn't put up with the BS! How does it get any better than that?

Thanks, Danny.

Good bye, Suzanne.

Oh, I hadn't heard. how sad. I loved her when I was a kid. I love the fact that she was such a bawdy dame.

My favorite Suzanne Pleshette story happened on the Johnny Carson show. Johnny asked her a, "What is the most difficult thing you have ever had to do in your life?" She answered without missing a beat (of course) house break my Yorkies." Carson was non-plussed. I, who had a Yorkie at the time, was delighted. So mine wasn't the only one who went where and when she wanted!

Fast forward some years: I was in line behind Suzanne at Pier One on Little Santa Monica and I had to tell her how much comfort I got from that story. She was charming and gracious and gave me the update that she had at last succeeded in housebreaking the current Yorkie.

I wonder who has her dogs now...

Suzanne was truly someone special. Beautiful of course, a wonderful actress, but she also seemed terribly normal.

I never had the opportunity to meet her, but from her performances, her appearances on talk and vareity shows, she just seemed as though a meeting with her, even a chance meeting, would be like chatting up an old friend.

ByJane's experience (above) is exactly what I would have hoped. But now she's gone. And so are too many talented people.

As always Danny, a great tribute. Thanks for the wonderful words!

You paid tribute much better than I did at

Great piece, man.

i went to camp with suzanne pleshette...she played the lead part in south pacific at camp when she was 16...she was marvelous...she borrowed a purple turtleneck shirt from me to go to a dance...when i saw that she was famous i was going to ask her for my sweater back...i recently bumped into her boyfriend at camp here in florida...we had fun was a sad day when she passed away

so TRUE - That was indeed the best ending 4 a TV show in history! Sad that wonderful dame passed from smoking, though. I LOVE 2 smoke. Oh well ~ c-est la vie, eh?

Suzanne was my hope of what my life would be like as a woman. I watched "The Bob Newhart Show" from its first airing to its last; from my 12th through 16th year I observed and learned and was delighted and entertained. She and Bob's interaction seemed like a real marriage. Suzanne thank you for being my example and part of my childhood. You have been missed, rest in peace.
Love, Nancy

Woops!! That was from my 12th through 18th year!!***!!! NK

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