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January 03, 2008


I love the idea of distributing these mags at the party. I'm a 1958 baby. When I look back at the media of the time, it gives me a window on my why I'm the screwball I am.

I am going to eat up this post when I have more time. (At work right now.)

Danny, you are watching Mad Men, are you not? I can't wait to read this and compare it to the 1960 advertising nuggets the Mad Men writers have been dropping.

Are you kidding? "Mad Men" is my favorite show of the millennium (and, coincidentally, one of its producers is one of Kerry's closest friends). Every ad in these magazines made me think of that show.

Danny, what a brilliant, creative idea your friend had for her celebration. I also like to dwell on old things-- when I was in university, I used to go to a rarely used, barely lit area in a certain part of a campus library, sit on the floor and crack open these old tomes...just to read the copyright year and location of publisher.
Thanks for sharing some of those ad slogans; many sound so corny to us today, but were great sellers in their time.

Pat Boone was on t.v. the other night talking about his, what a surprise ;)
Great post as always Danny...I love all things old too (lucky for my husband!)

Why do I carry the complete collection of LIFE from the war years to every new house/city/state I move to???? Found them in a house my parents bought when I was in highschool. Haven't let go of them since!

What a fantastic idea for a dinner party (talk about a conversation starter). Questions such as “Does Jayne Mansfield Go Too Far?” and "Is Natalie Wood naughty or nice?" provide an interesting contrast to today's celebrity gossip.

Thanks for sharing. The ads are especially awesome.

That was great! I especially love the Elvis Presley/Pat Boone part, “Will Pat Last Longer Than Elvis?” I thought the very same thing you did before I read on to see just so.

Very interesting to get a flashback on what things were like in entertainment 50 years ago! Thanks for sharing this!

Oh, how I love those old magazines too. When I was in college and worked in the library, I'd hide away in the bound periodicals and read every magazine from all different years. I could get lost for hours.

I'm guessing you are not going to say who your friend's mother was??

Oh, please do- we're all ever so curious!

Love the magazine idea!! I've been feeling nostalgic about my childhood authors and have begun hunting down first editions. I enjoy reading the book ads at the backs of these books, such as The American Girl's Handy Book: How To Amuse Yourself And Others. The male version is The American Boy's Handy Book Or, What To Do And How To do It. Gives us a glimpse into the mind set of the times.

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