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January 10, 2008


Amen, Danny. Very well said.

Danny, I so totally agree with your post! (hence I should say I agree with you, I guess). Should I also mention that I have no interest whatsoever in telling who to vote (and not even being a voter in the US myself, should I mention I have no authority in this matter? but it does not preclude me from having ideas, opinions, likes and dislikes, and I would personnally root for Obama, but when I hear the type of reasons you describe in your post, I am appalled).

I am appalled that especially people would tentatively use a so-called rationale that it would be not considering the muslim dislikes of women in power, which also shows how much those people are trying to hide their OWN prejudice against women in power, and use their own ignorance or lack of knowledge and put it behind blatant prejudice and "cliches".

Always listen to what people say in the name of others: it generally tells what they are not prepared to admit in their own names.

I'm not the biggest Hilary supporter, but it has nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman. I hadn't heard that argument before. But we were all surprise at how few Clinton supporters there were in our precincts during the caucuses.

I agree. And you make a good point!

There will always be some who are not satisfied with our politics. If some folks stepped outside of their little world and actually saw how the rest of the world views us (I'm abroad often and hear often an earful of disapproval, so I usually try to shy away from talking politics).....and how important our influence actually is on the entire world (especially ecocomically with the dollar, which is frighteningly low and effects more than just the U.S.), then they'd understand better and might even choose to vote for the right candidate. And not based on sex, religion, race, etc. The reasons can go on and on and these are just a few that I can think of, but your point on this hits the nail right on the head in my opinion!

I am not in favor of either of the candidates because I believe we've had enough of corporate welfare, and want to get the person in who has the guts to fight against lobbyists of all stripes. I believe John Edwards can truly represent the best interests of citizens and not big business. I am hoping that the truth about Obama and the nuclear industry will come out. Hillary has also ties to coroporate world. I don't know how she helped us when she was on the board of Walmart, does anyone? So much for working for women and workers. No one asked her what she learned during her time on the Board of Walmart, why not? If i saw her, I would love to ask her that. If anyone does see her, please ask her for me.

Don't vote for Hillary because she has the political instincts and knee-jerk reliance on dirty tricks to make Nixon proud. Her gender has nothing to do with it. She's just rotten. That's enough.

Not a typo, just a grammo.

"One reason *not to vote* for H"

Ignore what I said.

Brilliant post, Danny. I have heard the same line of illogical justifications from those opposed to both Obama and Clinton, and am amazed by the blatant sexism and racism that exists under the guise of prescient reasoning.

Wow, are people really using this lame old tired excuse and able to look themselves in their so-called liberal mirrors? Thank you for the post Danny! Excellent as always.

I'm so pleased you voiced this opinion in the comments on my post about Hillary/Obama recently. The race/gender debate was bound to occur - for it simmers beneath the surface of our developing society. Each time we progress a tiny bit - backlash pulls us down and back into darkness.

What interesting times ...

I couldn't agree more, Danny. Or is that, I couldn't not agree to not agree more? GREAT post.

Hillary is a ... a... Woman?

Nice try. You big kidder, you!

Maybe I live a sheltered life, because this is the 1st time I've heard this particular lame reason "not" to vote for Hilary. I thought, when the topic was veering toward the Middle East, that you were going to (rightly) criticize her horrid Middle East politics - she is unplesantly unsympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians; she was the first to get on Bush's let's-nuke-Iran congo-line.

It's a good thing no one told Condalessa Rice about this problem! I have a gazillion problems with Clinton's trigger-happy tendencies, but it's things like this that make me think that I'll vote for her to spite the misogynists of whatever gender.

Hillary was elected Senator from New York--she purposely "forgot" about downstate and worked with and for upstate NY

That was a good tactic---until 9/11. People have short memories. They don't remember the job fairs, the people out of work. They overlook how much costs have spiraled and how Manhattan is no longer affordable to most natives

I will vote for her if she's the Democratic candidate but she was never my Senator and we needed people with her clout pushing for us

I understand her claim that she wasn't really voting for war, but most New Yorkers were and are anti war--again she wasn't representing the interests of the masses

I used to think her wonderful. It's hard to when I have to leave the city of my birth as I just don't want to spend all money on living expenses.

Is this woman that bad? I have read a lot of bad things about her, but I do not know what is true, or what is not.
Is she really a communist?

I agree with you that's a pretty ridiculous argument you cited. Wondering as to your source, as this is the first I'm reading of it.

Hi, Danny! It's Angela Brown! I happened to find this post when doing a Google search to find out what percentage of Jews support Hillary Clinton. Thank you so much for writing this. I agree with you 100 percent, and I wish more men would speak out about the sexist treatment Hillary has endured during this campaign. Happy Passover to you and Kendall! xx, Angela

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