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January 25, 2008


some people find that funny. who appointed you the humour sheriff? have you never laughed at someone falling over? it's just a question of degree.

and ps. i'm a fan. i'm sorry he's dead. my sympathies are with his family. but if i can find something to laugh about, i will.

All these people just have too much time on their hands. And not enough gray matter in their heads.

Well said, Danny.

Well said, Danny. I find John Gibson appalling. I have no idea what sentiments such as those are doing on what purports to be a "news" channel.

Wastrel -- Right. Laughing at someone falling over is JUST THE SAME as broadcasting nastiness about someone who has recently died -- someone whose family, BTW, learned that he had died by hearing it on the news.

Exactly the same thing. Ha, ha.

I was brought up by two very conservative parents. I didn't know it at the time, but they were conservative, Republicans.

But that didn't make them hateful. On the contrary, one thing that was pounded into my little brain was that we must respect others. You know what I mean; don't point and laugh, don't stare, things like that.

Now we live in a society where some say our "freedom" is in peril if we're asked not to point and stare, or if we're asked not to make fun of those less fortunate.

It's just common sense to treat others as you would like to be treated.

Just because someone is a public figure doesn't mean their family have abdicated their pain, sorrow or grief.

Gibson should be ashamed, not just sorry.

Danny, that's awful. I hope his family and friends didn't see that travesty of "news".

For someone to find humor in anyone's death tells me this person's soul is debased, empty of human quality. It saddens me to know this kind of depravity has become entertainment. I've never heard of John Gibson (lucky me), but I hope his conscience bothers him, eats at him for enjoying someone's tragedy like this.

I agree with RD. This John Gibson creep should get what he deserves...fired and a swift kick in his butt. I never watched Fox and after finding out, it's dick cheney's favorite news, I never will. It's sad that people are paid big bucks for this nonsense.

I don't watch Fox News for just that reason. It makes me angry. It blows me away how many people do watch it though.

Fox blows. Anyone with half a brain knows that. That's why their audience is filled with morons, ass scratchers, and plain old bigots.

I wouldn't worry much about Phelps. He's all talk and little action. Plus he doesn't have enough cash to get to a private, secret location event in NYC. In my experience with Phelps, he blows hard but he's mostly a no-show. When he took on my kid's high school 2 years ago, the town spent huge dollars on security and the entire town came out to ensure that he didn't get to have his perverted say in our city. He didn't show. Really, he didn't. Barney Frank, our Congressman called it. He told us not to get our panties in a knot and he was right. I'm passing on that thought to you.

Danny, I always appreciate your articulate posts. Thank you.

I have a hard time with any of our news reporting. Fox would just put me way over the edge, so I don't even go there.

And Wastrel...this is Danny's blog. He gets to state his opinion. That doesn't make him the humor police. That makes him someone who cares enough to speak the truth and speak out about what is wrong when he sees it.

Gibson's behavior is wrong. Just. Plain. Wrong.

Well said Danny, RD. Wastrel, I am wondering if you are as big an ass as Gibson.

Wastrel, you are aptly named.

always nice to see that there are still people out there who can think for themselves and will speak out for what they think is right. i think some of the jokes are funny. some are just plain wrong.
i have never heard of this gibson before yesterday. i don't know what he said, other than what danny quoted, so i can't judge. he is therefore irrelevant. but what i think is funny, is what I think is funny. i'm not asking you to laugh with me. you can laugh at me if you like, because that belittles you, not me.


Help Us And Save Us from the Christian 'right', who couldn't be more UNCHRISTIAN in their behavior towards humanity! It is deeply deeply depressing how much like Germany in the '30's our Beautiful Wonderful country has become.
Where will all this hatred bring us to....Concentration Camps?

You're right, Danny. It does seem that we're reverting into a more tyrannical, less empathetic society than ever before. What is happening to us? I'm ashamed to be called an American anymore. Dehumanize, indeed.

I feel horrible about Heath Ledger's death. He was a very talented man who was taken from us too soon. How dare anyone belittle him and make fun of the tragic circumstances of his demise! What about respect? What about simple kindness?

If things don't change, I think I'll move to a more progressive country when I retire. Any suggestions?

I can't laugh about someone's death. But apparently some people can.

(Which I think is really strange!!)

Not only Fox but the other "unbiased" networks have been scavenging off this tragedy. Inside Edition uncovered some soulless wannabe under a rock to brag that she had supplied drugs to Ledger during the filming of "A Knight's Tale." What was that, seven years ago? But the lead-up made it sound like she had done it the night he died. God forgive me, but I want to push all responsible off a bridge.

Fox does it again! See and hear for yourself at:

Much Obliged, SjP

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