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January 24, 2008


Danny, thank you for doing this. Somehow, Bill Idelson is someone I really didn't know, but I was hoping you would pay tribute to Lois Nettleton.

Oh, my. How I loved All That Glitters.

This is getting depressing, all these childhood idols dying off. I'm starting to feel like I did junior year of college: that horrible "the fun is over...and I'm next" feeling.


Lovely tribute, Danny...I will give Seemah the link to this...Though she is not terribly savvy about surfing the Interner...I know she will be very touched by this beautiful tribute....!
And what a lovely nod to Lois Nettleton, too....I tell you, people are dropping like fly's, or is it Flies?? Whatever....I don't like it at all! Interesting though here....Bill Idelson worked in Show Business for 77 years, from the time he was Eleven years old. AMAZING, isn't it? As Seemah has said....He never stopped...One way or another, he kept working....! He was teaching those fabulous Writing Classes until he broke his hip about 7 1/2 months ago....! Unfortunately he never really recovered from that and THAT led to many other complications....and then, to his death. A hard ending, I must say.

Thank you so much for this lovely tribute. I was such a fan of the lovely Lois Nettleton and I enjoyed your lovely words about this fabulous actress who will be missed. It's so sad to see so many of our favorites leaving us... but they never really do, do they. We'll always have their work and our fond memories.

You were right on about Lois Nettleton. This beautiful and versatile actress certainly gave some memorable performances. She was outstanding in the 1964 MGM film "Mail Order Bride" ("West of Montana" in Britain) in the title role, playing a widow with a child who is brought to the West to prepare rebellious Keir Dullea for maturity and marriage by Buddy Ebsen (never better). She is touching and poignant in a much underrated role. The world is poorer for having lost her.

I never knew until today that she was married to Jean Shepherd in the 1960s. Two terrific people, but they were together for less than ten years.

Bill Idelson always looked much younger than his actual age. When in his 50s he looked like he could've been a young man in his 30s, much younger than Rose Marie tho actually they were close in age.

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