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December 28, 2007


My children approaching Leah's age I could nothing but feel all you said in this very thought provoking note.

Happy birthday to your very beautiful daughter! (keyn anore) May we all have the strength and wisdom to teach our children right and wrong, and how to become a mentsh, and endeavor to repair the world one good deed at a time. Not live in fear but in righteousness. Until 120 years!

Leah is quite the prepossessing young lady. I wish I'd had half her confidence at 13; I'd be far further along on my quest for Total Global Domination.

It's a testament not only to her spirit, but to the good sense and hearts of the adults around her that she's grown up so well.

Here's to you, Leah and Danny and Kendall and Sophie and Mark! Fine work, all around! Now for some brioche and a good run down a black diamond and back at it in 2008, eh?

Congratulations on fine fatherhood! Happy Birthday Leah. What an interesting post as you look back and think forward linking politics with personal - not that they are ever separate one from the other.

How wonderful that Leah celebrates in France as well as the US! My thoughts are with all of you!

Good post, Danny. I have an 8-year-old daughter and my adolescent adventure is just beginning. It is a scary world they will inherit. Happy Roman New Year to you and yours.

Joyeux anniversaire - Happy birthday, Leah! And, Danny, this was a very lovely post. I would have to dig deep to recall the year 1965 - when I turned 13.

Happy Birthday. Isn't it nice for you to celebrate this significant b'day in France and for your father to celebrate you via his blog in the U.S.!?

I've decided to comment more often! Could be a New Year's resolution for me, I suppose, and a good one at that!
This is definitely another interesting and great post! I just want to say here that I wish a very happy 13th birthday to your daughter and thanks for sharing this perspective!

She looks so grown up...

this reminded me of when I turned 13. IN the weeks leading up to it, I started getting anxiety and worried all the time because I thought it meant that I would no longer need or my parents would no longer be there the way they were...I thought it was ALL up to me suddenly. Of course, I was wrong and my parents continued to rule my world, dictate everything down to the tv shows I watched or if I ate my vegetables. Heh.

Happy Birthday to Leah. I think self-acceptance is an extremely important thing to wish for teenage girls.

Happy Birthday to Leah! And best wishes to her as she enters "teenage-dom." I hope I get to meet her before she's 48. Oh, and let's all hope that the Democrats take over and remain in office for the rest of her life.

Happy belated birthday, Leah!

Happy belated Birthday! How lucky to be able to be in France, to celebrate..perhaps with champagne, al a Gigi. She looks beautiful... wide eyed, fresh and innocent...exactly like a 13 yr old girl should. Enjoy these teen years, they go by so quickly...and then it's gone.

I can't imagine what's it like having a lovely young teenager on the brink of womanhood, worrying about all the things the world has in store for her! I'm sure your girl has a great head on her shoulders and will do just fine.

As a parent to an infant, I don't have the same worries you do - at least, not yet!


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