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November 27, 2007


If I could set this on a loop I would. Well put sir. As Benjamin Franklin said in 1776, "Those who would give up some of their liberty in order to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Three cheers for you, Danny. I was not aware of this story and it absolutely blows my mind. I'm taking it to my Peace and Justice meeting Friday morning where everyone around the table will be as shocked and angry as you are. Where are the columns and the editorials about this? Have I missed them or is this just one more case of the media failing to report all the horrors of this war? I'm so proud of your passionate voice!

Well said, Danny. If I was a bumper-sticker kind of person, I'd have one made up. I am a button-wearer, however.....

Amen. I hadn't heard about the repayment of the signing bonuses thing. I'm so embarassed for our country. How sick is that?

Thank you, Danny. I've taken the liberty of forwarding your blog entry to just about everyone I could think of. It makes me want to cry. But then, so many things these days does that.

I soooo agree! Last week Keith Olbermann, among others, had a wounded soldier on his MSNBC Show that was going through a similar thing---the Army asking for their money back...!! Just as they went on the air, word had come down that this was a Big Mistake...'Sorry if it caused you any stress...'
Well, this soldier was happy to hear that, BUT, he said, they have to continue fighting so that THIS stops happening to so very many other soldiers....It is ALL incredibly horrendous!

Bravo for this. I, too, didn't know of the bonus repay story. The 'support our troops' slogan has made me ill for years. Any thinking person would see through the propaganda and recognize it as a simple tactic to keep this administration's policies alive and active. So glad you state it so clearly and succinctly.

have those ornaments made.
sign me up for a few.

tout seul
mother of a deployed soldier

I don't know how these people sleep at night. I am so pissed off about those bonus dollars being charged to soldiers, and what can we, the people do? Wear a button?
I really think we ought to get rid of Cheney and then Bush, war mongering idiots who are getting rich while others suffer. I just wish our leaders in Congress would truly represent us, the people and not the multinational corporations who are all profitting from the war. The press is a big joke...liberal, my ass..they are owned too. It shows everyday.

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