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November 18, 2007


Oy, why of all days for me to "catch up" it is your cousins wedding in NYC & you are with Sue! So, Nu? How was "Young Frankenstein"? Spencer and Sam are Chicago Boys. Nuthin' can mess with their minds! Right? Hi to you and Kendall. xo Julie Diane

I'll take New York.....! Yes, indeedy, I agree completely. And, hey, I used to belong to NCTE--how come I wasn't invited? And what exactly is the provenance of 'how come'?

Thanks for the reference to LitLife!

New York will NOT be the same without you two! Come back soon!


I've never been to NYC before. I'd love to go at least once.

I too love Martha Plimpton. there is something so engaging about her. I can't take my eyes off of her when she's on the screen. Oh, she's probably getting a restraining order against me to now.

You can be honorary New Yorkers anytime you want. If we knew you were coming, we would have settled the strike!

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