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November 04, 2007


Talk about OY! Oh Danny...How truly TRULY horrendous....Two years ago my Hard Drive crashed and I lost a lot of stuff, because they were unable to retrieve anything---somewhat like what you are experiencing, but I did have a lot of stuff backed-up on discs....So, here's my question: When you say "back-up" do you mean like disc back-up or External Hard Drive Back Up??? Or....well, or what? I am interested because I'd like to make sure I am covered, now....I got an External Hard Drive and it was installed about a month ago...and it seemed to be working just fine...for about two weeks..Then, IT Died!

I am truly sorry this happened to you, my dear. Maybe it is worth the thousands to retrieve what can be---if indeed it can be retreived...! A manuscript??? Oh, that breaks my heart.

Oh my God, Danny. I am backing up everything as we speak. In fact, the exact same thing happened to Tom recently and what an awful time that was! Good grief. Is it the Mac's or am I just lucky?

I hope the new computer life for you will be full of joy and promise! Oy!

When you purchase your next computer, you may want to consider picking up a small, external firewire drive. FireLite is a great one, very light, easy to carry, and you can use SuperDuper to keep it updated. The advantage of using a FireWire hard drive is that you can boot from it should your primary drive go bad.

All this to say, you don't want to rely on the new "Time Machine" feature to serve as a viable backup. It's much better to have a mirrored copy of your hard drive so you can boot from it and get right back to work with your files and settings.

I hope this helps.


Okay.I'm letting you be my cautionary tale.

Oh, and there's a huge Amish community about 20 minutes from my house if you're interested.


This makes me want to rush right out and buy every kind of hard drive there is. But then I remember that I've done that already. And backed up till the cows come home, on every computer I've owned since 1985 (when I was six). All those pearls, those gems of wisdom are sitting here waiting to be--wait, all those backup drives are obsolete now. And I can't remember what those pearls were about anyway. So maybe the grand wipeout you've had is not such a bad idea.

Thanks for the reminder to back up! I'm in the process of doing this now. And about pens and paper...I'm so used to typing on a keyboard that I have trouble closing my hand on a pen properly now and usually carry around those big fat ball points, the width of a crayon that a toddler would use.

Ironically, BOTH my back up drives failed last week. I'm in the process of hoping to get the data off of one of them, the other, fuggedaboutit. Have you considered getting in touch with MacService? I like them a lot--they might be able to help.

I get Jeff's outfit. But is your sister an Amish ghoul or what?

I thought they're supposed to show signs that they're dying! Gasps and things. Flickers. When mine just didn't seem to be acting like its old self, my computer guy told me: Time to get a new hard-drive.

Which I did. Sort of like a new heart.

Ha Makom Y'nachem etchem. . .Sorry for your loss.

Oh no -- I am so sorry, Danny! That is a miserable experience. My boyfriend's hard drive (containing, amongst other irreplaceable things, files of hundreds of hours of original music he had recorded and never backed up) died last January, right before our trip to L.A. It was a black cloud hanging over our vacation until our friend who does file recovery for the government called to say that he had been able to unscramble most of it and get it onto a new drive.

My Amish story (yes, I have one. Don't you?):

Many years ago I was in the event-planning business in Kansas City. One of my clients required 30 gold lame table cloths. Not my idea, but whatever. My seamstress at the time was an Amish "widow" who lived in a real honest-to-gosh Amish community outside the city in rural Missouri. I write "widow" because her husband, though alive, was considered dead because he had left the community (for another woman, it was rumored). I think they even held a funeral. Of course, she did all the sewing for me on a pedal-type machine by the light of a gas lantern. As long as I live, I will never forget the sight of her sitting at that machine in her home with the flickering light surrounded by yards and yard of glittering gold lame gathered across her work-table and spilling onto the floor. Surreal.

Though I'm sure my 14-year-old son would quibble about piranhas in an icy habitat, I loved your sentence about "ice that is so thin you can see the piranhas circling underneath." Hang in there!

Woah, how terrible to have your computer crash. When you described it, I immediatly started doing inventory on what I might lose if mine crashed. I'm going to do a back-up tonight.

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