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October 09, 2007


Warner Brothers: WHAT A DUMP!

I was out of the room, metaphorically speaking, when "women's pictures" were downgraded to "chick's flicks". Well, not so much out of the room, exactly, as in a different room still engrossed in those movies who's credits include the type of designations such as "Gowns by Adrian" or "Miss Hepburn's hairstyles by Sidney Guillaroff".

I choose to view the current position of Warner Brothers as part of a larger cycle. I choose to believe that it will pass. In the mean time, I'll probably forgo the antics of horny teenagers. I'll still be in that other room waiting for one more close-up, Mr. DeMille.

Danny, I was interested as always at your take on this. (My favourite part of Gloria Allred's comments included this: "[W]hen movies with men as the lead fail, no one says we'll stop making movies with men in the lead."

SAD. (But now I want to watch or re-watch all of the movies on your list!

Shocking and stupid. Another example of how far we have not come since the days depicted on Mad Men. I think I already boycott most of the main stream crap produced by today's Warner Bros. and others without any form of organized boycott. Another night of TCM is on my schedule.

Understand, Danny, that in the age of v-casts and broadband, you can make a great 21st century film without the withered cocks of the Hollywood Studio System and their silly edicts. Best of all, you can cast women, let women shoot it, write it, direct it, cater it, et al. Quit soaking in your nostalgia bath and stick it out there and make a movie of your own in this fragmented "content" environment. I promise, my family will download it. We'd even buy tickets at the local metroplex for it. We're behind you, and if you sell 500 copies each time you'll break even with the tax man in the age of endless media choices. Popular Culture is usually years behind reality in any event. Fuck Time Warner. And we've got short attention spans these days. So get cracking. From a couple of your biggest fans in the ATL.

This is fucking unbelievable! He sounds like he is having a Psychotic Break!!! Help Us And Save Us From This Man.....!

He cannot possibly have an kind of "artistic" vision..It's all about greed and an underlying dislike of women...!

OY, Danny....OY!

Do come by because I rewrote and reposted an edited version of one of my first posts...when YOU and Kendall were my only Readers! I think it is a much better post now.

Yeah, I guess it's time to support indie films even more. What a dumb ass that Jeff Robinov is.

Isn't it funny how, the more (supposedly) enlightened we become, the more accustomed we become to idiotic pronouncements like this?

Still, I don't think guys like this say anything without first calculating its effect on the public. To be wrong and assinine is OK, the thinking goes, as long as you're also sensational. He figures that the studio will get attention from his remarks, and perhaps screenwriters and directors, in an attempt to prove him wrong, will start trotting out products worthy of the phenomenal actresses still waiting for a decent script.

Danny, your excellent post prompted me to check out ranking list of worldwide gross receipts on

I was surprised to see that you have to go all the way down to #64: 'Pretty Woman' to get your top grossing movie featuring a female lead. Astonishing. 64! I never thought that movies starring a female perform so miserably at the box office.

At the end of the day, Time Warner is a business and exists only to make money (NYSE Ticker: TWX). Since movies are nothing more than a consumer product, it makes sense for the producers to focus on their core consumer habits and stick to making goods that sell.

Agreed: Robinov could have been more tactful. Likely his comments were aimed at Wall Street, who bumped up the stock twenty cents the morning after his announcement.


How do we get this to the honchos at Time Warner? I want to rub their faces in it. Maybe the ghosts of all those heroines past will return to haunt them on Halloween night. My only consolation is that some of the best TV shows this season have strong female leads -- Damages with Glenn Close, and Mad Men whose female characters are clearly choking under the constraints of the 50s. Anyway, I always learn so much from reading your blog. This should be in a book -- hint, hint, hint.

Your blog articles are always so great. Maybe Deborah is right and you should indeed publish a novel of some sort.

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