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October 28, 2007


I agree with you dare the Turks tell the US Congress what they can and cannot goes to show you what a spineless president we have...he can talk to the Dali Lama and offend China but he is afraid to stand up against Turkey...where does our morality a 3rd generation Armenian-American who lost his grandparents in the genocide I will not give up and will never rest until Turkey acknowledges what it did in 1915...

I have been waiting for a cogent analysis of this issue. Thank you.

Yeah, I've had more waffles about this issue recently than IHOP as well. On the one hand I wholeheartedly agree with you (and Bob above) that the Turk regime (past or present) has no business dictating what we recognize and don't.

On the other hand, such a resolution will ALWAYS have political currency on both sides, and the GOP will certainly claim it's purely political in motive, regardless of intent, when we're entrenched in the Middle East.

On the OTHER hand, when we ARE in the Middle East (when are we not?), what better time to put a horrifyingly little-known atrocity to the light of day, while we still have the evidence and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations alive to hear and pass it on.

On the OTHER hand (I feel like Tevye across the bridge in "Fiddler"), the final tip on opinions on this for me is Brzezinski's, that you quoted above. In the end, at least in my never humble opinion, Congress' job is to help run the United States, not sit in judgment of what did or did not happen in another country.

Much like your post "Tevye Never Had It So Good", the realities of Holocausts MUST be remembered...and evidence preserved and re-shown... But not made political whiffle bats to fight with.

Thanks for this posting. I've never completely understood why the people of Turkey refuse to acknowledge what whole world knows! I was recently told that their whole modern, secular state rests upon the authority of Ataturk who is implicated in these crimes. That autocratic secular state is not one I would want to live under and yet it seems that today a truly representative democracy would lead to an Islamic state. It is hard to know what to hope for in Turkey's future.
For the Armenian families it is so painful to bear this awful legacy. It must be somewhat healing to have the crimes acknowledged here and in Europe, but until Turkey admits their culpability the nightmare seems to live on.

And the current genocide in West Papua ? Money talks, the mighty Bechtel corporation is head of the US Indonesia Society, was the U.S. firm that supported G.W. Bush's election in 2000, tried to make money selling Bolivia's fresh water, and is making money in Iraq. He who has the money makes the decisions, what the newspapers print and whom the U.S. should view as the enemy. Was Israel and Palestine ever that important themselves? The Ford Foundation and Rockefeller's were jointly making ten times the money in Indonesia than what it cost to keep the Middle East in the news papers. The world's largest Gold & Copper mine, visible from space, dumping over 300,000 tons of waste into the Pacific Ocean each day; American built and owned. And yet just like Bechtel's proud work in Iraq and Bolivia and elsewhere; who many Americans know of this great U.S. geographic achievement?

May I say that Congress is making a statement for its nearly 1 million Armenian Americans in affirming their history. Looking after its citizens is the interest of the Congress. No one is looking at this side of the equation. It is not the first time that politicians spin to their advantage. Zbigniew Brzezinski is no different in saying "It has nothing to do with passing laws about how to run the United States." Yes if you do not consider the Armenian American as full citizens. For Heavens sake they are carrying this horrible burden. Does it matter? Apparently not for Zbigniew Brzezinski and to many Americans who think like him.

I love Germans, Chinese and Turkish people.
I hate holocaust denial.
When the U.S., European countries & Israel are doing it
I hate it all the more.
What more is there to say?

For 900 years (over 15 generations.. take a moment and absorb the enormity of how long that is) Armenians lived their life on their historical lands under the Occupied rule. They faced enormous pressures -financially, socially, professionally, civilly- but they stayed true to their creed, their language, their heritage and their beliefs (just like many Jewish and other occupied races have done). But many could not because the Turkish Ottoman Gov't levied special taxes on them just for not being Muslim! They faced discrimination and disatvantages in every facets of their life, while the muslim citizens enjoyed the perks.

Now the Gov't of Turkey is doing everything it can to erase us from that land. For my Grand-parents, and Great-Gradparents legacies that I seek the truth. They are not in my imagination, but my grandparents were real and their village was real, and their family died for real, and the city that they lived nearby URFA is real.

Turkey's museums, historical books, and education system have no mention of my people (even the islamized ones).

Puff.... they're gone. That's a successful genocide and the U.S is aiding in covering those crimes by not taking action like many other countries have.

Emagine if the U.S. gov't rounded up all the Black people and marched them by foot to the northern and southern borders. As they were walking, they denied them water and food. The gov't then organized killing squads made up of their most violent prisoners and they had them attacking Black population areas and those marching caravans.

The reason given! some black groups (let's say the Black panthers) had taken up arms and committed crimes. plus, some blacks had spied for U.S. enemies.

Now, none of the museums in the United States, nor any history books ever mention
that Blacks ever lived here!! Can you imagine how upsetting that would be to wipeout the legacy of all those famillies that suffered and persevered to make it from being owned like animals to the United States presidency?

Well, that's how the Turkish gov't is justifying the genocide (except they won't call it that). They use similar reasoning --taking up armes by some Armenian groups and attacking Turkish soldiers, and some for spying for Russia--.

The only difference in the "U.S. committing Genocide against the blacks" and the Turkish Ottoman Gov't committing Genocide against the Armenians is that Armenians were on that land for thousands of years before the Turks arrived in Eastern Asia Minor from their ancestral land near Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Turkmanistan.

Their 900 plus years of taxation and civil pressures were so effective in converting ethnic Anatolians to Turk muslims that majority of Turkey's population does not even look Turkic. They live in a fabricated history and live and die without knowing their true identity (that includes Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Jews, Laz, Georgians, Bulgarians and many more).

It's time for America to not only join the majority of the world's countries in recognizing the Armenian Genocide, but also, in taking a lead in pressuring Turkey to allow it's museums and educational institutions to represent the true history on Anatolia without prejudice.

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