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October 05, 2007


I. LOVE. FRANGOS. They are divine!

Funny about them getting to eat as many as they wanted. I toured the Hershey factory out here in California once and they had the same policy...I think it's a bit diabolical. :)

I love Frango and also grew up with them in my house. My mom used to love them. I send my aunt who lives in Florida a box a couple of times a year because she misses them! Thanks alot Danny for reminding me of how good they are...I might not rest until I pick up a box!

Hi Danny, I first had these when a friend of mine moved to Chicago and sent them to me. OH MY GAWD...they are the best things EVER!

I remember that post from way back when, and I can vividly recall that I was one step away from KILLING YOU for posting pics of Frangos. How frigging MEAN can you get, teasing us with those gorgeous spectacular chocolates that we cannot get anywhere but Marshall Field's (Z"L)? Honestly, where are your morals?

Next time you're in chicago, send me a box. Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a Frango mint on top?

Oh, and I forgot to add, the year I moved back from Israel to the US, I got a job in a department store candy department. It was crappy Russell Stover candy, but the policy was the same. Eat as much as you want, but never take anything home. They thought that employees would get sick of chocolate quickly. They were WRONG. I ate and ate and ate and gained something like 30 lbs. They wanted to promote me, telling me "I had a future in chocolate" but I knew even at that tender age that I would eat chocolate at binge rates for the rest of my life. My career in chocolate ended that very day! I had to quit before I couldn't fit through the door.

I love freaking chocolate.

Oh lovely. Congratulations. It's a beautiful spread!

I realize this means they will take away my Chicago card, but I never "got" Frangos. I love the Fannie Mae, and the plainer the better--dark chocolate, white cream filling. Occasionally a hostess mint or English toffee for variety.

However, I am most thrilled by your fairy story of Saveur finding you via the internet. *That* is frangolicious!

What a compliment to your blogging powers! You're the best!

My timing is here I am with a big huge vat of freshly made Cabbage soup on the stove to start my first day on that ever popular diet thinking..Hmmmm Danny Miller's Blog..Haven't checked in in a while..Wonder what's going on over at "Jew Eat Yet"...and BAM..Big box of Frango's staring me right in the face. Thanks Danny Miller!!! You sabotaged my Atkins induction last time with a detailed description of your top 10 L.A. eating establishments and now THIS!!!!
Looks like it's back to the "Fat" jeans I go :-)

I've never had a FRango before either. maybe it's because I was too young when I lived in Chicago and I probably wouldn't have appreciated really good candy anyway.

Danny, what a coup!
SAVEUR is a wonderful magazine...and now that magazine has a new wonderful writer to add to their roster!

Oh, and I have one more thing to say: "Mmmm...those look yummy."

I have subscribed to Saveur for more than 10 years and when the latest issue came I said to myself, "I bet there's an article by Danny Miller in this" and there was! That's how much I've grown to associate your commentaries with Chicago!

It's great to know that they found you through the blog. I've always feared that public blogging would land me in "hot water" with my corporate clients around here who tend to be pretty conservative but it's nice to know that real writing gigs can be found through a well-written blog as well.

Congrats on the article!

Frangos sound like another good reason for me to put Chicago on my list of places to check out.

Last night I was in line at our Seaside Market to pay for my sushi, when I spotted Saveur: Chicago. My BOC friend from LSD/Chicago told me about your article several weeks ago and asked me "is this the Danny Miller you keep mentioning?" SO there it was in front of my eyes. I asked the cashier if she would mind if I read the article at her counter before the store closed at 10 PM.

What a great article!!

I loved frango mints growing up, but having little 'chocolate' willpower, I abstain!

I love the way Kendall and you read through each others words.
Ode to Contentment.....

Until now, I would have told you I'd never had a Frango, but I would have been wrong. One Christmas, when we were kids, someone sent this box of mints to my family as a gift. We were allowed one every night before we went to bed, and I was devastated when they ran out. They were absolutely the most delicious chocolate mints I've ever had, and I've been seeking them ever since, but I had no idea where to find them. Now I know what I'm doing first thing next time I'm in Chicago.

And CONGRATULATIONS on being discovered through your blog to write the article. I'm not the last bit surprised.

Shocking as it may be Danny...I have not had a Frango anything in all my many many years of loving chocolate...That even shocks me!! (lol) I must see if I can get them through the Internet! I too woild like to feel "contentment"!

Good thing I'm not editing Saveur. I immediately read that last line and changed it to "...I am the picture of content-mint."

(ooh, now I feel I've wasted my first comment on your wonderful blog. Forgive me! I just couldn't resist....)

I really like your article. It's in my favorite food magazine. I'm not a huge fan of mint and chocolate together, but I think these might turn me around. I'm dying to try one.

Danny, I was first introduced to these when I was about 5 years old. They've always been my "dream" candy. Imagine my disappointment when I received 3 boxes of them for Valentine's Day this year, and 2 of the boxes had TERRIBLE candy inside!! (I still haven't opened the 3rd box.) These were surely old boxes of Frangos, since parts of them had melted together and they were getting that white bloom that old chocolate gets. Also, they weren't the yummy melt-in-your-mouth consistency, but hard and nasty. I will try to keep the memory of Frango mints alive in my mind, but now it won't be easy.

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