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October 20, 2007


My darling, I would love to wear that suit for you -- unfortunately I am too plump a little dumpling! Thank you for being such an understanding husband about so many things, especially your wife's love for Deborah Kerr.

I think I have a crush on Kendall.

(Btw, do we now, in today's social climate, think that the kid in Tea and Sympathy was in fact gay? Okay 'cause I do.)

(Wow. This was an entirely gay-themed comment.)

Great Post Danny, and I LOVE Kendall's words about Ms Kerr---That book has got to get published, and soon!!!
I too saw the Broadway production of TEA & SYMPATHY, and it was as wonderful as Oliver shared with his dear daughter....I LOVE that John Kerr was in this production--(the two people with the same last name, pronounced differently....), and that Hollywood allowed them both to do the film, too..,MOST unusual at that time, I might add...
Deborah Kerr was one classy lady in every way, and ALL her performances showed that, didn't they...even FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. She truly had a radiance on the screen, AND the stage, that was undeniable and brilliant, too.

Did you see that film made for tv that she did with Robert Mitchum in their later years? It was a lovely idea and I wished she had had a different leading man in that one. He just seemed too 'wooden' to me, and anything that was soft and emotional about his character really came from her, and her just being the warm lovely actresss that she was,...This seemed to rub off on him a little bit in their scenes together, Thank God. That was an amazing feat!

It feels like so very many wonderful people who were such a big part of our lives, on screen and off, are dying. FYI: My current post is about Carol Bruce, who died about 10 days or so ago...and if you haven't been over, please do go---you are always asking me to write about past Theatre experiences---well, here is one of them, my dear....

This post of yours was such a lovely and thoughtful rememberence of a truly great actress and star, Danny....Thanks so very much for this, my dear.

(And I am serious about Kendall's book: LET'S GET IT PUBLISHED!!!)

"The King and I" film I must have watched at least a dozen times since I was a young child smitten by Technicolor pictures on the silver screen and sitting in a baroque-like movie theater in New York City. For some of these performances, I surely was dropped at the theater and placed in the children's section under the matron's watchful eye. The golden days! Watching Deborah Kerr twisting and twirling around her pinky that hulk of a hunk, the first totally gorgeous bald man, is one of my earliest images of a beautiful, wise, strong, principled lady (in the best sense of the term). And you conclude your paean w mention of another hero, Eva Marie Saint — my angel incarnate, totally as I had imagined her in looks and character. Thank you.

For the record, I DO think the kid in "Tea and Sympathy" was supposed to be gay (and possibly Deborah Kerr's husband in the film as well) and that it was just the times that prevented that from being made clear. I think there were more pointed references to homosexuality in the stage version than in the film. On the other hand, the vagueness of the storyline was itself a revealing statement on the attitudes about gay people back then so I think it's very appropriate for this particular story.

Naomi, I was thinking the same thing about how odd it was that Deborah Kerr and John Kerr co-starred in this and that they probably spent the first 10 minutes of every interview explaining the different pronunciations of their names ("Car" and "Ker"). And you're right that it's a miracle that almost the entire Broadway cast was hired to do the film version--if only Hollywood had followed that pattern more frequently! Interesting that it was directed by (closeted) gay director Vincente Minnelli. I remember your friend Norma Crane (of "Fiddler on the Roof" fame) was in this film, as was a young Tom Laughlin of "Billy Jack" fame who also appeared with John Kerr in "South Pacific."

Wow. If you and your wife had a contest to see who could out-write each other, I don't know who'd win. You are both amazing

A fitting tribute, and too true (alas) about too many of the actresses coming up today.

Laurie Metcalf is truly awesome. I've both seen her on stage and had the pleasure of acting *with* her one time on stage. Or should I say "the terror"? She is 100% there, in a way few actors I've met are. You rise to the challenge or are eaten alive. It's pretty intense.

Cherry Jones is another stage-acting powerhouse (although I'm not nuts about her film work).

Damn--you're right. Everything's going to hell in a handbasket...

I like Deborah Kerr very much,thank you for your wonderful comment.She deserves the compliment.

This brings back all those Hollywood dreams I had as a kid watching films in the 50's. Thanks.

1955, B&W movie version of Graham Greene's novel "The End of the Affair" (refilmed in 1999) starred Deborah Kerr and Van Johnson. Discovered this last year and rented it from Netflix. Love watching Van and Deborah together but I think the direction (can't remember who directed it) might have been better. Still, definitely worth a watch with two screen greats!

Reunion at Fairborough was the TV film Deb made with Bob Mitchum. Wonderful way to re-unite two great friends who wee soul-mates, yet not lovers..
There will never be another Deborah Kerr. Unique. Beautiful in body and spirit. Loved by all who knew her. I have written two books based on her character. She has been my inspiration since I was aged thirteen when I saw her in The Hucksters and "fell in love" with her face and personality. She will never be forgotten.

And, what about not just her maternal portrayal in The King and I but also The Chalk Garden and The Innocents? Both were exquisitely as usual lovely and accomplished.

Deborah Kerr is the most attractive actress
who could express the amorous passion and
concealed sexuality under the prim roles and the veil of her chastelooks. I still cry watching her films. I purchased a green
silk dress that she wore in the film "Tea and Sympathy" at Bonhams Auction last year.

What a great tribute to a great actress! Wonderful post.

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