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October 31, 2007


Delightful! Thanks for awakening old memories.

i remember that very same cardboard pumpkin decoration, (in the third grouping of photos), hanging in our house when i was a child.......i love looking at your family photos- you are so very lucky to have such a fabulous archive. thanks!

I saw the photograph of you and your sister and gasped. For a moment, I was frozen in shock......and recognition. Around 1969 my mother dressed my sister and me as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy for the annual Halloween carnival at our school. There is a photograph floating around somewhere. Must. Find. And. Destroy.

Not a Halloween goes by that Sandy and I don't reminisce about your Mom's witch costume and the Halloween parties at your house. I was always jealous because my costume was never very creative. I recall when your Dad dressed as a ghost and petrified Marc Cohen. He cried for what seemed like forever. Somehow I remember your house having the best trick or treat! Great memories!

God, I love your blog. I hope my kids have as wonderful holiday memories as you do.

My daughter still goes in her room and listens to "To Sir With Love".

Wonderful post. Brought back my memories of Trick-or-Treating with Teddy Williams -- who got his bag stolen every single year by neighborhood thugs, including, one year, while he was standing right next to me. And of course, my bag was untouched.

I took him to my house and gave him a bag full of candy, but it wasn't the same.

Thanks for this page out of YOUR history book. What a wonderful way to relay this long-gone, but not-forgotten episode of your life.

I have no idea if it was THIS specific Halloween night or not, but at least now I have a location for a couple more childhood memories. I distinctly remember the cold spaghetti veins and melon eyeballs games. I know I went to a couple of the Miller Halloween bashes, but for the life of me I couldn't remember who had the parties with the 'squishy' stuff til now...:)

And I can't remember what I dressed up as for most of those Halloweens, though I do recollect being a pirate one time or another. And I also don't remember Mrs. Shapiro giving us a break on the tables that night (taught me multiplication, but left scars, those tables)

Wonderful way to share the memories of by gone Halloween's....
It was very very quiet up here...Not one child. It's been like that the last few years so I didn't get any candy...And just as well,! Hope you had lots of little Goblins or some Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls, too!

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