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September 04, 2007


Hi Danny,

Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday...enjoy your day!!

Happy Birthday Danny! I hope you have an amazing day that is not frought with mental illness, paranoia or Oedipal complexes.

Happy Birthday from the Orieyentas!

יום הולדת שמח

Happy Birthday Danny!!!!!

Um...can you meet me at Oak Haven later? Just for a sec....I need to drop something off there. No, really. It will only take a second. Oh, bring some extra clothes, it might get cold later. K?

your sister

Happy birthday to you! Mine is Friday. This explains a lot.

Happy Birthday Danny

Happy Bithday Danny! I was at a wedding in Chicago this weekend where your rabbi's brother officiated over the ceremony. I had a nice chit chat with him and his wife about BCC and am looking forward to meeting Lisa. I also told them and a few other guests about this "Hilarious blog called Jew Eat Yet". Here's to a few more well deserved "Hits" for your "48th" year!

I had a birthday this year and it wasn't half bad. The key is to make it a birthday WEEK and have a different kind of cake every day. However, word to the wise: cakes to avoid:


Very truly yours on this special day:


It was such a pleasure to get to say hello to you at the Greek! I've just finished reading your delicious birthday post...I loved Dunne's quote at the end. Your Wilco review was wonderful, too. You managed to put into words how the live Via Chicago feels to me.
I also remember the couple you described seeing at the San Diego show, wrapped up in the music & each other. Reading what you wrote brought them back like a snapshot.They were a neat part of that incredible show.
I wish you the most wonderful of birthdays, followed by a year of brilliant blogging. I love the way your brain works & the thoughts you put together so much more coherently than I ever could. (I mean, just look at this rambling post!)

Happy Birthday, Danny - I always enjoy your posts.

Perhaps you should prepare for a political run next year when your life is mirrored by "All the King's Men"

I hope you're having a wonderful birthday Danny!

what a fun way to celebrate a birthday ~ with the movies

Hope your day was filled with joy and laughter and your next trip around the sun surrounded with those you love.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Danny.

Happy birthday to the man who knows how to handle a turkey!

Hey Danny --

Why is it that I am the same age that you are and do not recall even HALF of the movies you mention above? I must have been watching "creature features" on channel 9 instead of channel 7 or something :p

Anyway a very happy birthday to you! Hope you are enjoying the day.

Happy Birthday!@#1. Hope its filled with a few of your favorite things. I do so enjoy your blog.

happy birthday....
hmm...made me wonder about the books of that year or plays?

All the very best to you, Danny, on this birthday. Hope it's the start of a terrific year in every way!

I wish you were here so we could have
a celebratory turkey leg at Mannys
followed by some cheese and caramel
popcorn. Mmmmmmmm...........

Happy 48th Birthday Danny!!!

Michael and I just got back from setting up Adam in his first apartment in San Luis Obispo. (Last week we moved Sarah into the dorms at UC Berkeley). It was in the middle of the heat wave and Michael had just had his birthday (August 31st) and turned 52. Here we were--two 52 year olds taking furniture out of a moving van in 100 degree+ heat.

The wild thing was it turned out great -- his apartment looks really nice. He starts school next week and we will be "empty nesters". Doesn't it seem like yesterday that Adam was born? And now he is 20 and starting to fly on his own.

Life goes fast. Enjoy and remember to love those you hold dear! Much love and happy birthday from all of us!!!

Laurie Michael Adam and Sarah

Happy Birthday Danny! Gosh a lot of virgos around here (me & my daugther were born on Sept 9th LOL!), must indeed explain a lot ;)

I'd like you to have a special cake out of German gingerbread:

All the best!

Happy birthday, Danny! It was nice chatting with you after the Wilco show in Los Angeles, however briefly. (We did go to Pinkberry, and I do want another one. Alas, too late now.) I hope you have a wonderful year.

A little late, Danny, But A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, the day after! Hope you had a great and wonderful day.

Bon anniversaire, mon cher ami.


A belated "happy birthday" to you, fellow Virgo and movie lover. And many happy returns of the

Happy Birthday, Danny!

I have trouble picturing Dan Dailey as a crossdresser. Did he borrow stuff off J. Edgar Hoover?

belated happy birthday. that is all. I wonder what my therapist would say about you too.

Thanks so much to everyone for your birthday wishes! I had a great day and never once felt like I was trapped in Olivia de Havilland's Snake Pit!

Danny, thinking of you on the day AFTER your Happy Birthday!
Much Love, Health and Happiness for you this coming year.......

Oh dear - is this the first year I missed your birthday? - since I know you? So sorry! New semester, chapters deadline, flu - do all these "excuses" help?

I hope you had a wonderful day, Danny. I can't wait for you to join my 50's club excepting that when you do? I will be 60!

Smiles and hugs!

Happy belated birthday, Danny. I hope to meet you in person one day. Your blog really is brilliant.

I'm new to your blog - and I'm lovin' it. I first saw Hamlet in a film history class and didn't know quite what to make of it. Except that it was great. The shot that comes to me is Jean Simmons floating down a stream surrounded by flowers and humming a nonsense song - another 1948 madwoman perhaps?

Another 1948 film I have a soft spot for: The Paleface - probably the last of Bob Hope's run of classic comedies.

Happy birthday......Ever see Jean Simmons in "Home Before Dark"? An excellent performance from 1958. I found your site by accident and have enjoyed exploring it.

Happy Birthday Danny!

We love your blog. Our favorite movie is "Finding Nemo".

Hallie, Franny, Brooke, and Scott

Happy Birthday, Bubbelah. You are a wonder. All happiness for the coming year, and beyond.
Love from your psychic twin.

Happy Belated Birthday, Danny!

Hope your sister retaliated with a few good birthday jabs!


Jane Wyman died today, just six days after I wrote about her. I hope Jean Simmons is safe. Rest in peace, Jane. You were one classy broad!

Happy (very late) birthday Danny. September 1959, what a great time to be born. :)

Happy birthday Danny. I have really been enjoying your writing. I'll be hitting the 50th mark this year. Again from one Von Stueben 1976 graduate from another, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" PS I was also in your 8th grade class in Peterson with Mrs O'Connor. 3rd from the right on the top row. [email protected]

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