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September 13, 2007


I also love that song, and periodically it will pop into my head and apply itself to different scenarios and characters (the real-life kind).

Happy New Year, Danny, to you and your family.

Shana Tova Danny! As yes, it is true I signed on to your blog today expecting to laugh out loud at another of your typically amusing accounts which I guessed would specifically address Rosh Hashanah, I admire your courage for the change in tone.
Now in my 30's, the only conclusions I've managed to come to is that human relations in general, especially family dynamic, is just plain complicated. I wish you an easiness in heart and a prayer for a little less angst in all of us this coming year..

Happy New Year, Danny! And what a terrific song! I feel the same way you do about my blog. I so often feel I'm not that person writing that and really wish I were. Then again, sometimes I feel I'm MORE that person and that those who read my blog maybe know me much better than those who never do. Maybe the irony is that we become more human, and thus more real, when we have a forum to express our insecurities and doubts without having to show our blushing faces.

I love the notion of casting sins into the water. I was with a friend yesterday who told me her family always threw rocks in the water.

L'shana tova, Danny. I don't know about your other readers, but you seem to speak directly to me in your blog. You go that one brave step further than I do in self-revelation; I believe, however, that it's the step that is crucial to not being a stunted writer--and human!

Hello there, Danny,

As one who has worked through some really difficult and challenging emotions through my blog, I would say it is one of the best vehicles for me to "put it out there" and learn from. Something about sharing it publicly has helped me do much deeper and more worthwhile introspection than even work I did alone with my therapist. Strange but true. So, kudos to you for reflecting out loud with all of us. As usual you bring in music or theatre to illustrate some of these hard feelings and I love the reference to Tashlich. Gee, I forgot to find a lake or ocean to throw my "whatevers" into! Perhaps I'll walk down to the Wissahickon right now and throw my "stuff" into the creek! It should be full of some perfectly appropriate rain water from last night's down pour.

Happy New Year, dear friend. You, of all people, should know that the "sun will come out tomorrow."

May you be inscribed in the Book of Life! I've enjoyed getting to "know you" via the blogosphere. A happy and sweet year to you and your family, friends, colleagues, and blog readers.

Happy New Year!

I love your blog.

Never heard about hay being used for tashlich -- but sounds good to me!
I wish you and your family the sweetest of New Years. May you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a year of prosperity, good health, peace of mind and excessive happiness. (yes, Danny, you are entitled to it all!)
Shanah Tovah.

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